What Are the Best Sleep Positions for Couples?

What are the best sleep positions for couples who like to cuddle and stay close to each other while they sleep? And what are the best sleep positions for couples who need their space while they sleep? Every couple is different in terms of their sleep position preferences.

Assuming you both have a similar sleep schedule, you’ll be sleeping at the same time, and you’ve got to find sleep positions that work for you. Quality sleep is of the utmost importance.

Some couples have trouble sleeping without their mate beside them, yet struggle to find a comfortable sleep position with them.

A key to sleeping together as a couple is that you both maintain good sleep hygiene so that you’re both tired when it’s bedtime. That way, you’ll fall asleep faster, and fall asleep together.

In situations where your partner does a lot of tossing and turning at night, or restless sleep is occurring, it can be worthwhile to look into the best mattresses for couples. Some mattresses have “his and hers” technology where a tossing and turning partner won’t disturb someone sleeping soundly on the other side.

If neither of your are restless sleepers, but you do need your personal space while you sleep, what’s the best sleep position?

Back-to-Back Sleeping: For Couples Who Need Personal Space

Some couples sleep back-to-back because they’re both side sleepers and they need personal space while they sleep. That’s why they can’t spoon while they sleep. It could also be because one person is a restless sleeper who moves around too much, and sleeping with your back turned helps ensure you won’t be disturbed when your partner tosses and turns.

If, however, you’re sleeping back-to-back because you’re mad at each other, this needs to be settled in order for you to get a good night’s sleep. They say, “Never go to bed angry.” You can fall asleep easier as a couple if you clear your conscience or settle a disagreement before going to sleep. It’s much easier to fall asleep if nothing is weighing on your mind, you’re not feeling guilty, and you’re not feeling angry.


Spooning: An Oxytocin Boost with Close Contact

Many couples like to spoon as they fall asleep together, and end up falling asleep in this position. Spooning is one of the best sleep positions for couples who like to be close to each other while sleeping.

Spooning is generally a pretty comfortable way to sleep, especially if you both have your own ergonomic or memory foam pillows.

As it turns out, close intimate contact of this kind on a regular basis will release oxytocin, which is great for your mental health. Oxytocin is often referred to as “the cuddle hormone”.

If the two of you don’t toss and turn too much, spooning is a good option.

Going Hollywood: A Side and Back Sleeper

A sleeping position called the “Hollywood” involves one of you sleeping on your back, and the other cuddles up to the side, draping an arm over the chest of whoever sleeps on their back. This sleeping position is often portrayed in romantic movies.

If one of you sleeps like a motionless rock all night and the other tosses and turns a bit, then the one who sleeps on their back like a rock is the person best suited to remaining stationary. The other person can move around when it suits them, and if their partner is a deep sleeper, their partner won’t be disturbed – so it’s kind of perfect.


Facing Each Other

The sleeping position for couples of facing each other is a lot like the back-to-back option in terms of your actual body positioning. However, there’s a notably increased likelihood of physical contact and bonding from facing each other. You’ll likely get a little more oxytocin release through this position as well. Also, each person in the relationship has the opportunity to watch the other sleep in the morning. This can be psychologically beneficial.

Not many couples can fall asleep in this face-to-face position, but some can. The couples who can fall asleep in this position tend to co-regulate and their nervous system calms down when they hear the melodic breathing of their partner falling asleep.

Certainly, the sixth sense hasn’t been properly quantified in any scientific capacity, but there is an aspect to humanity that isn’t tangible directly but is definitely something just about everybody experiences. One might characterize “love” in this category. A person can “feel” they are being loved even unconsciously, just as someone feels affection consciously.

So, if one of you wakes up early in the morning first, and stares at you smiling, the both of you will likely benefit. Also, it’s a fine thing to wake up to someone you deeply care about gazing at you benevolently. In terms of health both physically and psychologically, facing one another represents a good tactic.

The face-to-face sleeping position is also a great way to be intimate without cuddling up too close. This position can create intimacy in situations where it’s just too hot to cuddle up close. If you get hot while you sleep, or simply live in a warm part of the world where your bedroom is always hot, try this position. Sleeping facing one another can allow you both to cool off enough for sleep while staying intimate enough for those oxytocin-related health benefits.

How Couples Can Find Their Best Sleeping Positions

Perhaps you’re the kind of couple that wants to face one another. Maybe you’re that perfect pair who comfortably sleeps in the “Hollywood” position every night. Spooning tends to be one of the healthiest ways to sleep as a couple, and provided you don’t get too hot together, you can experience increased oxytocin from the cuddle. If your bedroom doesn’t get too hot and you don’t run hot, you’ll probably love spooning.

If you prefer sleeping back-to-back, that’s fine, too. Especially if you’re in a relationship where one or both of you are prone to tossing and turning. Having a physical and psychological “even keel” should help you sleep better at night, and upgrading your mattress to one with less motion disturbance is a good idea as well.

It’s important for couples to figure out a sleeping position that works for them, so they can both get a healthy amount of sleep. And if through experimentation with the above sleeping positions for couples, you figure out a way to sleep while staying close to each other? There are significant health and psychological benefits to this.

Did you know that many of you and your partner’s sleeping habits are genetic? CircleDNA can provide you with a full report about your sleep habits and sleep tendencies based on your DNA.

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