How CircleDNA Offers The Best DNA Test for Health and Fitness

Leveraging the insights and information gained from your DNA test for health and fitness from CircleDNA works because of all the actionable information you’ll be provided with. CircleDNA, one of the leading at home DNA test options on the market, has a range of different DNA testing kits to choose from, each designed to deliver specific information tailored to your health goals.

For instance, the CircleDNA Health DNA Test includes 115+ reports looking at genetic risk factors for cancers, common diseases, heart health conditions, and more. There’s also a family planning DNA test specifically intended to help those looking to pursue a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

For health and fitness purposes, CircleDNA offers two high-quality DNA testing kit options: The Vital DNA test, and the Premium DNA test. Both are non-invasive DNA tests and are simple solutions which require nothing more than a simple at-home saliva swab. You also get a complimentary 1-on-1 consultation after you finish the DNA test with a health professional.

The CircleDNA Vital DNA test was built specifically for those who want to optimize their diet, nutrition, fitness routine, and overall wellness. This DNA test focuses on:

·         35 diet and nutrition reports: With a custom nutrigenetic profile, you’ll be able to see how your body responds to certain foods, improve your diet, and eliminate problematic foods.

·         18 sports and fitness reports: Looking at your genetic profile, you’ll learn more about how you can lose weight, gain muscle, improve performance, and optimize your fitness.

·         34 well-being reports: The well-being reports looks at everything from your risk for stress fractures and osteoporosis, to weight regain and poor sleep.

·         45 genetic and ancestral reports: A deep-dive into your family history can teach you more about the genetic traits which affect all aspects of your life, from behavioral and physical traits to your chances of success in different areas.

The Premium DNA test from Circle DNA takes the features of the Vital test to the next level, with an extra consultation with a genetic/health expert, and more than 500 reports in total. You can learn even more about your diet, and exercise requirements, with 125 diet and fitness reports. Plus, there are extra insights into disease risk, with more than 115 reports on health-related risks. Not to mention the premium kit’s interesting DNA insights about your success traits, musical ability, behavioral traits, some genetic personality insights, and more.

What Does Genetic Testing Show?

Genetic testing is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to learn more about themselves. While your health, fitness, and overall wellness is often influenced by factors such as diet, exposure to certain substances and other external factors, a large portion of your well-being is related to your unique genetic makeup.

For example, genetics are the primary reason why some people naturally have petite body types, no matter how much they eat (known as hereditary persistent thinnness) while others have a larger, bulkier bone structure.

Examining a DNA test for health and fitness, such as the CircleDNA Vital or Premium reports gives you the guidance you need to build a diet and exercise routine tailored to your body. It ensures you can set realistic goals for weight loss, muscle gain, and athletic performance. Plus, your reports may help you eliminate some of the roadblocks holding you back from achieving your goals.

Fitness guru and influencer Joanna Soh found that adjusting her diet, exercise, and lifestyle based on the information obtained from her CircleDNA test meant she could achieve her fitness goals faster, and more consistently.

Here’s what you can do with a DNA test for health and fitness insights:

1.    Learn Your Genetic Body Composition

If you’ve ever wondered, Is body type genetic?The answer is yes. Every person has a specific body type, distinguished largely by their genetics. If your parents are both petite and slender with minimal muscle mass, you’re also more likely to be petite, and you may struggle to gain muscle, regardless of how much you work out.

Your genes dictate the natural shape and structure of your body, which is why some people have broader hips, bigger thighs, or stronger arms than others. Your genetic body composition also influences your risk of obesity, excess belly fat, or whether you may have trouble gaining weight. For instance, hereditary persistent thinness makes it much harder for people to acquire ‘bulk’ when they’re working on increasing their muscle mass.

Examining your genetic body composition with your CircleDNA test will help you determine how fast or slow your metabolism is likely to be, how easily you can gain lean muscle mass, and even whether you’re genetically more likely to have a smaller waist circumference.

2.    Discover the Ideal Diet for You

While you may be more genetically predisposed to have a certain body shape, the foods you eat and the exercise you get will also influence your physique. The right diet can help you avoid problems such as excess belly fat if you’re genetically more likely to gain weight than other people. Your genetic diet and nutrition reports from CircleDNA can even identify the optimal diet type for you, based on your DNA.

For instance, you may find you could benefit from focusing on a low fat or low carb diet to maintain good physical health. If you find your optimal diet is a simple healthy and balanced selection of foods, you can explore which kinds of products are most likely to cause problems with well-being.

Food sensitivities can trigger bloating, discomfort, and other gastrointestinal problems; however, many people aren’t aware of their issues with certain foods. You may find cutting down on caffeine reduces your bloating, or eliminating lactose helps you to sleep better before a workout routine.

3.    Discover Genetic Risk Factors

The best DNA test for health and fitness insights can also show you areas where you might be exposed to more risk than others. For instance, one of the key pieces of information you’ll get from your CircleDNA report, looks at how well you’ll be able to control your appetite. If you have low appetite control, and tend to overeat during meals, you can use mindfulness techniques and various other strategies, such as portioning, to reduce your calorie intake.

If your DNA test results indicate that you’re more likely to store excess fat around your waist, this could show you that you need to focus more heavily on core-strengthening exercises, and reducing your saturated fat intake. You may even learn you’re more likely to suffer from obesity as a result of stress.

If your DNA test shows you have a high risk of stress-induced obesity, you can implement various activities into your routine to help you minimize stress, and eliminate emotional eating. The CircleDNA app included with your Vital or Premium test includes various tips on how to decrease your risks of stress-induced obesity, and reduce belly fat.

4.    Understand Wellness Challenges Unique to You

Perhaps one of the most valuable ways a DNA test for health and fitness can help you, is by showing you which challenges you’re likely to face in your pursuit of good health. For instance, both severe obesity and persistent thinness are traits you can inherit. If you’re genetically inclined to be persistently thin, you may have a hard time gaining weight and building muscle.

Your CircleDNA results can also determine whether you have a higher endurance capacity than others, based on your genetics. If your endurance is likely to be high, you can devote more of your workout time to high-intensity exercises intended to work a wide group of muscles. If you struggle with endurance, you may need to start slowly with simple exercises such as hiking or walking, to build your stamina.

The CircleDNA report also includes an overview into your ability to withstand pain. If you have a genetically high pain tolerance, you’re less likely to be overwhelmed by the aches and pains which might occur after a challenging exercise session.

5.    Improve Sleep and Reduce Stress

Often, enjoying a healthy, happy life means following a healthy routine, with plenty of time for relaxation, rest, exercise, and nutrition. If you’re missing out on a good night’s rest, this could make it harder for you to complete your fitness training sessions. Plus, poor sleep can also increase your chances of overeating. Staying up late increases the odds of late-night snacking, but some people are genetically prone to being a night owl.

Your CircleDNA test results can also show you whether you’re more likely to be a deep, average, or light sleeper, and provide you with tips on how to enhance your sleep hygiene. If you’re sleeping poorly, you might be able to implement relaxation techniques and meditation into your routine to help you switch off each night. The CircleDNA Premium test even shows if you’re at higher risk of sleep apnea, whether you’re more likely to move during the night, and more.

Your DNA test for health and fitness from CircleDNA can also give you other insights into how to reduce the various aspects of stress which might be hampering your mental health. If you have a genetically lower tolerance for stress, you can try making more time for social interactions, or minimize unhealthy routines which increase stress.

Boost Your Health and Fitness with a DNA Test

Every person’s DNA is unique, with a specific range of risk factors and opportunities attributed to them at birth by their DNA. Understanding your genes with the best DNA test for health and fitness from CircleDNA makes it easier to determine how you can achieve your personal health goals.

When you learn about your genetic strengths and weaknesses, you can turn this knowledge into power by using the information to your advantage.

With a CircleDNA Vital or Premium test, you’ll learn a wealth of information about your body, your traits, and various other factors crucial to your well-being. Once you’re educated about what’s in your DNA, you’ll be able to take much better care of your health, and you’ll have a better shot at preventing possible future health problems.


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