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#EmbraceHealth with 500+ genetic insights

Empower yourself with a lifetime of insights to take control of your health, thanks to the World’s Most Comprehensive DNA Test.
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4+ Premium DNA Tests
Take a concrete step towards uplifting all the strong women around you!
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How does CircleDNA empower women to #EmbraceHealth?

Understand yourself from the inside out
Knowledge is power – dive deeper into your DNA and uncover the genetic traits that make you who you are.
Stop guessing & take control of your health
Work smarter, not harder! Learn exactly what your body needs to thrive & be healthy – trial & error not required.
Make confident decisions for your family
As caretakers and partners, plan for your family’s health by understanding what traits may be passed across generations.
Create lasting change with insights that last a lifetime
With lifelong insights from your DNA, you can continue to make important lifestyle changes to be your best self – always.

What our customers have to say

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Photo of G.E.M., ig:@egmo0816
Feeling healthier and fitter

I admit I was skeptical at first but after modifying my diet with this valuable DNA information, my energy levels have increased, my mind is sharper, and overall I feel much healthier and fitter.


Photo of Naomi Huth, ig:@naomi.huth

I suffer from PCOS. There are a number of factors that contribute to disease, but the one I can control is my diet. I can now personalise my nutrition needs, in-turn managing the disease.

Naomi Huth

Photo of Christel Fung, ig:@_paradiseseeker_
Mystery solved

My results helped me confirm many of my doubts and validate my speculations. I discovered I'm lactose intolerant and have a higher sensitivity to carbs. It's like my body is finally able to talk to me!

Christel Fung

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