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Why Get Circle Family Planning DNA Test?

Know Your Risk, So You Can Be Ready

Circle Family Planning is designed for those who are thinking of starting a family or are pregnant. Find out if you and your partner carry inherited conditions that you might pass on to your unborn child. Discover actionable insights that help you protect your family’s health.

Know What To Expect
Know What To Expect
Your DNA contains two copies of every gene - one inherited from each parent. These genes sometimes pass on inherited conditions, caused by changes in genes called mutations. In most cases, as long as the carrier carries only one copy of a gene that contains a mutation, symptoms will not be present. While carriers are usually healthy, they can still pass down condition-causing gene mutations on to their children even though neither parents have any symptoms. This is because everyone carry mutations in their DNA. Some of these mutations however, can impact the health of the children who inherit them. This usually happens if both parents have a mutation in one copy of the same gene. In such cases, there is a 1 in 4 chance for each pregnancy that a child will be affected by the condition associated with the gene.

Did You Know?

“80% of babies born with an inherited disease have no known family history”
It’s More Common Than You Think
The conditions included in Circle Family Planning affect 1 in 300 births worldwide. That’s higher than the incidence of Down syndrome.
Family history doesn’t tell the whole story
Many of us could be carriers of inherited conditions and simply do not know it. Over 80% of children with inherited conditions are born to parents with no known family history.
Knowledge Is Power
If you and your partner are carriers of the same conditions, there are important steps you can consider, together with your healthcare provider.

Focus On Serious Conditions

The Circle Family Planning DNA test looks for over 157 serious conditions that you could pass on to your child. Some are conditions you may have heard of, such as cystic fibrosis. Some conditions can be treated early, others require lifelong management, and still others have no treatments. All conditions screened are clinically meaningful when you’re planning a pregnancy so you can make informed choices for your family.
Of The 157 Diseases Screened
causes neonatal & early childhood death
  • GRACILE Syndrome
    From birth to 4 mths of age
  • D-bifunctional Protein Deficiency
    First 2 yrs of age
  • Citrullinemia
    Longest lifespan known as 17 Days without management
shortens lifespan childhood death
  • Cystic Fibrosis
    Life expectancy up to 35 yrs
  • Ataxia-Telangiectasia
    Median age of death at 22 yrs
  • Andermann Syndrome
    Fatal before the age of 40
carry a significant risk for intellectual disability
  • Phenylalanine Hydroxylase Deficiency

  • Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome

  • Hyperinsulinism


Knowing Your Carrier Status Helps You Plan & Prepare

If both you and your partner are carriers of the same condition, there are important steps you can take whether you are planning a pregnancy or already pregnant.
Seek Professional Advice
Speak to a specialist or genetic counsellor in understanding the next steps you can take in planning for a pregnancy or available treatments if you’re already pregnant.
Explore Alternate Options
The risk of having an affected child can be greatly reduced with IVF, alternate options such as using a sperm or egg donor, or even adoption.
Plan Ahead
Discover if you need specialist care during pregnancy and delivery, and prepare for management and treatment for an affected pregnancy if necessary.
Professional Genetic
Counselling Support
Professional Genetic
Counselling Support
Receive a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation with our genetic counsellors to review your results and provide follow-up recommendations to help you better interpret, understand and benefit from your test results.

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