Zoey Phoon

“I want to know if there's another sustainable way to help me maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle while staying in shape."


Digital Content Creator, Social Media Enthusiast, Blogger

Zoey's Story

Growing up, Zoey has always struggled with her weight and body image, and it's only years later when she finally came to terms with how she looked in an attempt to be the best version of herself. As a foodie, Zoey is constantly travelling the world, trying out new cuisines without worrying about overeating or indulging, because in her own words, "as long as I'm happy and healthy, I shouldn't be too harsh on myself" - a realisation that came after her diet compromises in pursuit of a fit body.

Zoey’s Story. 2 Summers Apart


Ate Her Way to Happiness

Zoey spent her summer last year in her home country of Malaysia, indulging in the ever-delicious local cuisine in the company of her friends, and in the process neglecting her weight gain and personal wellness.


Made from Home. Eat at Home

"Wholesome" is how Zoey wants her lifestyle to be this summer. In addition to making yummy homemade meals that rival Malaysia's, she also plans on achieving a fitter and healthier body. The best news of all? Zoey is already mapping out her plans!

How Zoey Is Challenging Herself

  • A new and more sustainable lifestyle that can ensure Zoey is happy and healthy all around.
  • Follow a sustainable exercise plan designed to help Zoey overcome her fitness challenges.
  • Create a series of new recipes aimed at improving Zoey's nutrition intake fueled by her favourite ingredients.
  • Adapt to a custom-made wellness plan in order to improve her immune system in the face of viral diseases.
  • Anaemia runs in Zoey's family. With her boyfriend, Zoey hopes to find out if this is in fact a condition that could affect her future family's wellbeing.
  • Coming from a family that has been affected by high cholesterol, Zoey hopes to find out how she can increase her nutrition intakes to lower the risk of the condition manifesting later in life.

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