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Circle Changemakers are leaders and movers in their communities who want to make change, and inspire others to take control of their health journey.
Discovering my DNA’s genetic blueprint has been the key to eliminating guesswork and achieving a deeper understanding of my body.
Kimberley Anne Woltemas, Actress & Entrepreneur
Life is good for Kimberley, but not for the reasons you might think. She may be a beloved actress and successful boss-lady entrepreneur, but more than that, Kimberley handles her health decisions with grace and confidence. Menus are easier to navigate because she’s aware of her fat and carb sensitivity, she leaves workouts rejuvenated knowing the wonders that lower-impact exercises like yoga do for her body, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. As a brand new ChangeMaker, Kimberley invites you to also own your health.
Kimberley’s Top Categories
Stress & Sleep
I believe that understanding our DNA is the first step on the path of good health.
G.E.M., Asia's Queen of Pop
Being the busy and independent woman that she is, it is no surprise that Asia's Queen of Pop G.E.M. wants to perform at her best at all times. Since the passing of her grandmother, G.E.M. has taken it upom herself to regain control of her health and wellbeing. Through CircleDNA, she has discovered that she carries no genetic mutations that could negatively impact her risks for up to 36 cancers. And that's not it. Upon making changes to her diet, she has since felt the increase in her energy levels, and with that, a sharper mind and a healthier lifestyle. A peace of mind keeps driving her career forward, so she can keep making music that inspire millions worldwide.
G.E.M.'s Most Memorable Categories
Cancer Screening
Music & Dance
I think DNA testing is very important, because you can know your body conditions early and take preventive measures.
Van Ness Wu, Actor, Director, Singer
Genetics might load the gun, but it's lifetstyle that pulls the trigger. For Taiwanese actor, director and singer Van Ness Wu, seeing his father suffer from Type II Diabetes was a wake up call. Since then, his CircleDNA test results have allowed him to take precautionary measures for the betterment of his health. Through finding out his strength in endurance-based sports, he's gone on to improve his fitness routine whilst utilising other "valuable insights" aimed at improving his wellbeing through lifestyle changes.
Van Ness’ Top Categories
Sports & Fitness

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