10 Mother’s Day Activities To Do With Mom To Celebrate Your Love For Her

Nothing can beat the gift of quality time. That’s why the gift of an experience or a planned activity with your mom is a fantastic Mother’s Day gift. This coming Sunday, on Mother’s Day, make sure you give your mom your time and undivided attention. Your presence is worth far more than a present, and you could plan the type of activity you know she’ll love.

You might not live with your mom anymore, and that’s all the more reason to plan activities with her. When children are taught the idea of home, it may at first seem as if home is a place. A home is typically thought of as a house where families live together. However, as many of us grow up and move out, we come to an epiphany that home may not necessarily be just a place. Home is where the people you love are. Home can be a feeling.

Statistics say that the median age of moving out is usually 19 years old. By the time children reach the age of 27, around 90% have moved out of their parents’ homes. These numbers show that most people spend a major part of their lives living with their parents. However, flying away from the nest does not translate to leaving the memories or the people behind.

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, you may be scouring for ways to celebrate the most important woman in your life. Your mother is the person who taught you and was there for you during your many ‘firsts’ in life. Mothers spend years devoting themselves to child-rearing, and this special day is in honor of the love they have poured into nurturing their kids and families.

Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to reciprocate that love. More importantly, it is a chance to celebrate the woman who guided you through life and to thank her for her unconditional love and support. If you are still wondering what to do with your mom this Mother’s Day Weekend, below are some activities that you can plan to make lasting memories with mom:

1. Take a Cooking Class Together

Does your mom love to cook and learn new recipes? A cooking class is a perfect gift, and the perfect activity to do together. It’s interactive, you bond while you cook together, and you get to spend quality time together. Reach out to the culinary schools nearest you that offer cooking classes.

If you would like to give a little more, you could purchase for your mom that new pot and pan set she has been eyeing, or gift her with replacements for her run-down overused kitchen items like new oven mitts or a new salad bowl.


2. Mother’s Day Brunch

Celebrate Mother’s Day with elegance and style at a fancy brunch restaurant. If you and your mom share the same love of food, take her on an outing to have a lovely brunch. Think mimosas, scones, fresh fruit, waffles – the works. Alternatively, you can purchase your favorite brunch items and set up a picnic at a lovely park.

3. Night Out on the Town

This Mother’s Day, why not buy your mom a beautiful new dress, and tell her you’re taking her out for a night on the town? You can even get your hair and makeup done in the salon together, before you go out. Plan everything for your night together, whether that includes dinner reservations at a nice restaurant or tickets to see a show.


4. Mother’s Day Hike

If you and your mom are adventurous and love nature, a hike or other outdoor activities may be the perfect plan for Mother’s Day. Research the trail you plan on hiking first. Pack hiking snacks and lots of water. Choose a hike that has a beautiful view to enjoy together.

5. Spa Day

A lot of mothers rarely get down time. They juggle so many tasks like taking care of their kids and families, cleaning the house, and working. It’s a safe bet to say that your mom would really love a day of serenity and relaxation at a spa. A spa date with facials, pedicures, massages, hot tubs and body scrubs would do just the trick. If you book a spa day for two, you’ll get plenty of bonding time with mom, and all the self-care and relaxation she needs.

6. Host a Garden BBQ party

There is nothing that would make mom feel more special than having the whole family around for an outdoor BBQ. One of the best ways to lasso all your siblings and closest relatives together is to host a barbecue cookout. You can easily put this shindig together in your backyard or on your patio.

Moreover, bbq menu items are usually very simple to prepare and cook. If you have already done this before and would like something more spruced up, consider taking your mom and family on a short road trip to the nearest lake, park, or campsite. Just make sure you do all the prep work and clean up to give mom her much needed time off!


7. Take Studio Family Portraits

A picture paints a thousand words, so if you take numerous family portraits and make it into a wall collage, just imagine what this visual extravaganza could possibly evoke. Kick your Mother’s Day festivities up a notch by booking a professional photographer for your family photos. Take different themes, using various props and outfits. Go have fun making memories, plus you’ll get lasting printed photos in the end.

These pictures will preserve a poignant moment in time, which you and other viewers can enjoy for the years to come. Furthermore, family photos will connect the future generations to those who came before them, helping them see their unique story and how it has shaped the person they are today. You can also post them on social media to share with relatives and friends.

8. Take Art Classes

Art classes are a great way to release stress and express your creativity. There are numerous kinds of arts and crafts lessons available for you to do at a studio or at home. Take your pick from painting, sculpting, drawing, and sketching. This is also a chance for you and mom to unleash the creative fires lying dormant inside of you. Who knows if this art lesson can jumpstart a new hobby or money-making venture for you!

group of people beside coffee table

9. Conduct a Family Game Night

Nothing stirs family energy and excitement like a bit of friendly competition. A fun and exciting way to celebrate Mom’s Day is to host a family game night with all your siblings and their own families. Bring everyone together and prep those board games, sports games, and even drinking games to last you through the day and night. Make it extra fun by preparing prizes.

10. Go to a Dance Class Together or Go Out Dancing

Maybe your mom loves to dance. It’s likely genetic if you both love to dance. Perhaps your CircleDNA test revealed that a talent for dancing is in your DNA.  If you know your mama loves dancing, music, and loves having fun, take her to a dance class or dance club.

The above Mother’s Day activities are just some of the fun things you can do with your mom. Though this hallmark event may be held once a year, know that your love should not, and does not need to be limited to one day only. Every day is a chance to celebrate your mom and all the other people you love. Love does not need a specific date to be expressed. It is something worthy of being celebrated and shown each waking hour. Hopefully this summer, you can do lots of activities like these with your mother.

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