11.11 Special: Singles’ Day Compilation

When was the last time you caught a break? Take this day as a gentle reminder to make yourself a priority and treat yourself! You don’t need a partner to pamper yourself. Gift yourself with the greatest gift of all – the gift of health. A quick swab from our at-home CircleDNA test can reveal the perfect diet and workout for you, as well as unveil your health risks. Make lifestyle changes so you can live your best life!

Find out how our CircleChangemakers pampered themselves on Singles’ Day!

Sculpt Your Dream Body With CircleDNA

From keto, vegan to Mediterranean, how do you know which diet suits your body type? Andy Lin shares with his followers that sculpting their dream body takes more than following the hottest fitness and diet fads. Instead, he encourages them to use CircleDNA to eliminate the guesswork and find out what diets and workouts work for them based on their genetic blueprint.

Smash Your Fitness Goals With CircleDNA

With the various fitness trends around us, it is getting harder and harder to pinpoint which workouts work for us. It takes months to see changes to your body, and that can get a little frustrating not knowing if the workouts are effective. Z3nia Ching utilizes CircleDNA as a surefire way to determine the optimum type of workout for her body based on her genes. Stop wasting time trying different exercise regimens in the dark, let CircleDNA help you achieve your body goals.

Seek Out Your Own Happiness

Abel Hao Tian believes that happiness is about making your own waves. Once you brave through challenges, the entire ocean is yours. He believes that a simple CircleDNA test can help users unlock their potential by analyzing up to 500+ comprehensive reports. With healthier changes to your lifestyle, you are able to be prepared for any obstacles that float your way.

Optimize Your Health The Best You Can

Prioritize your health because if you don’t, nobody else will. Julia Lim believes that the “first step to change is knowing what’s best in making that difference”. She decided to take a CircleDNA test, the most comprehensive DNA test in the world to figure out what works best for her. With the actionable insights at her fingertips, she is able to optimize different aspects of her life, starting from the best exercise tailored to her body type to learning the best way to cope with stress based on her genetic make-up.

Find Out Your Ancestry

Are you curious about your ancestry roots? Maybe you’ve even taken one of the ancestry quizzes online. Singles’ Day is all about putting yourself first, and that means giving in to the urge to find out your ancestry. Bonnee Fahlstrom described her CircleDNA test as “the most interesting and insightful” test that she has done. The DNA test revealed reports about her ancestry that showed she has a beautiful mix of Northern and Western European roots, and gave her details on the best diet for her genetic make-up.

Make Sure Your Loved Ones’ Health is Tip Top

Joanna Joseph opens up on how her whole world came crashing down after finding out her father was diagnosed with kidney failure. Thankfully, her father is a strong warrior and fought off his illness like a champ. Joanna shares her gratitude for her father, for taking care of her ever since she was a child and decides to surprise him with a gift that can help him monitor his health and ensure that he is healthy long term.

Gift Your Loved Ones With The Gift of Health

If you are a giver at heart, it’s time to spoil your loved ones! We’ve found the ultimate gift of love – the gift of health. A devoted son, John Yeong surprised his mother with a CircleDNA test kit. With the comprehensive disease and illness reports, his mother can know her risks for various diseases, as well as make lifestyle changes to decrease those risks and live a healthier and happier life.

Your Health is an Investment, Not an Expense

Stanley and Daniel have a philosophy that “health is an investment, not an expense”. This echoes CircleDNA’s mission of helping people prevent illnesses and make lifestyle changes before it is too late. Stanley and Daniel advise their followers to maximise their full fitness potential by taking a genetic test. A quick swab can help you tap into your genetic strength. This Singles’ Day, prioritize your health and take a DNA test to find out the best workouts and diets for you.

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