7 Benefits Of Being Spiritually Minded

Have you ever noticed that quite often, spiritual people seem happier and more at peace? One of the many benefits of being spiritually minded is optimism and the happiness that comes with it.

Recently, the world has taken quite a shift toward a stronger emphasis on mental health and self-care. Amid this new shift in the Millennial and Gen Z perspective, many have sought to find peace and serenity by choosing to practice spirituality. The buzz about the benefits of being spiritually minded is talk that’s hard to ignore.

Teachings on spirituality have been widespread, and many have shared their accounts of how being a spiritual person has helped them cope with the daily rigors and stressors of a fast-paced modern life. Do take note, however, modern spirituality goes beyond the ideas of religion and its doctrines. For many, spirituality has no religious connotations at all, and it’s more about reaping the benefits of being spiritually minded.

What does it mean to be a spiritual person? At its core, spirituality is believing in something beyond oneself, or having faith in what the universe has in store. While it may sometimes involve the practice of religious teachings and belief in a higher and omniscient power, like a deity, it can also characterize a belief in the connection of the individual to others and even the universe as a whole, focusing on the energies that these exude.

A common example of spirituality is having a strong enough faith in the universe that you are able to “manifest” the things you want out of life. Some dub this mindset as the “Law of Attraction.”

If you’re looking for some helpful tips that will move you towards achieving your highest self, perhaps dipping a toe into the realm of spirituality will help you find the direction and inner peace that you seek out in life. Listed below are all the benefits that being a spiritual person affords you, and how being in tune with yourself and your surroundings could make you a better person:


1. Being Spiritual Can Improve Your Physical Health

Being spiritual, according to a study conducted by the American Cancer Society, puts people at a lower risk of developing severe cancer symptoms. Additionally, spiritual patients undergoing different treatments are said to have higher energy levels and imbibe a more positive outlook. This can be attributed to the fact that for some individuals, spiritual practices help in keeping them calm.

We know how many physical health consequences are associated with stress. Since one of the benefits of being spiritually minded is less stress and more faith that it’ll all work out, it makes sense that being spiritual could positively impact your physical health.

Numerous studies have linked poor mental health with poor physical health. As such, spiritual practices have the potential to ease anxieties and other forms of mental anguish. In turn, doing so can deter bad thoughts from being manifested into physical illness. Furthermore, the same studies espouse that spirituality also lessens one’s chances of developing cardiac stress-related diseases, like hypertension and heart attack.

2. Better Mental Health

As previously stated, imbibing spirituality could positively influence your mental health. Not only does it ease anxieties, but being spiritual also encourages individuals to connect to their own thoughts and feelings. In doing so, many spiritual people find direction and are able to experience great leaps in the improvement of their self-esteem.

In addition, a study on Depression Research and Treatment had discovered that 61% of people with depression in their control group who imbibed a spiritual practice have faster recovery and reduction of depressive symptoms.


3. More Gratitude, Optimism and Hopefulness

Practicing spirituality also has the potential in helping a person settle into positive feelings like generosity, optimism, and gratefulness. In turn, these feelings could increase energy levels and encourage you to stay more motivated. When you believe that you deserve all these great things, you do not sabotage your chance at happiness and open even more doors for opportunities.

The positive feelings induced by spiritual practices, alongside the self-reflection that comes with it, helps you become more open and more intentional in identifying the blessings that enter your life. This self-awareness allows you to recognize areas in life where you have bountiful gifts to be grateful for, in spite of trials and tribulations. In turn, cultivating this attitude of gratitude could improve your overall disposition in life.

In line with this, is that one of the benefits of being spiritually minded is a more hopeful outlook on life. Spiritual people have more trust in what positive things the universe has in store for them.

4. You’ll Be More Compassionate

Living a life of spirituality not only allows you to be more in tune with yourself but also stimulates you to be more attuned with your surroundings, especially the people around you. Consequently, this helps you be more empathetic and understanding of others. This means you increase your awareness of the emotions and situations of other people, allowing you to be more genuine and caring towards their struggles. In doing so, you become a better member of your community.

5. Strengthen Family Bonds

They say that if you want your child to grow up a certain way, it is best to lead by example. As previously mentioned, being a spiritual person helps in the development of empathy. If you want your children to be more empathetic and aware of what’s going on with others and their surroundings, it would help if they see you practicing the same virtues.

After all, it’s not what you say that creates an impact, but it is what you do that matters. Thus, spiritual children are also more likely to develop strong and in-depth personal relationships. They are also likely to find meaning and value in their own lives. Moreover, studies say that spirituality can be a predictor of family unity. Hence, families that practice spirituality are said to experience and foster stronger family ties.

6. Introduce You to a Community

One of the great benefits of being spiritually minded is the connection spiritually allows you to feel with others, the sense of belonging that it fosters, and the feeling of community it inspires. This allows you to be assimilated into a group of other like-minded people with the same strong faith. Not only is this a great place for you to network, make friends, and get to know people, but it also serves as a great support system.

While you may exist as an individual, it is always important to remember that no man is an island and that sometimes, the need for human company is essential. Studies have shown that individuals with healthy relationships with their friends and peers, who are members and involved in communities, live better and more fulfilling lives.


7. Direction and Purpose in Life

People who wander through life aimlessly, feeling empty and behaving recklessly without reason, could benefit from spirituality as it has the power to point you towards a more meaningful purpose in life. Spirituality could give you peace of mind and clarity of thoughts that leads to discovering your higher purpose. In turn, this ultimately provides you with direction and the motivation to face life’s daily challenges.

It is no secret that life can be immensely difficult at times. When you feel down and lost, having faith can be just what you need to help you find your anchor so you won’t succumb to negativity that comes with life’s trials. With a strong spiritual foundation, you could keep your chin up amidst setbacks. Instead of wallowing in self-pity and misery, you could use the hardships as fuel to keep moving forward. When things feel hopeless, one of the greatest gifts spirituality could provide you is that glimmer of hope.

Trying to Be Spiritual but Having Difficulty?

When the practice of spirituality does not help alleviate your negative thoughts, you could be experiencing a more serious health condition such as depression, ADHD or an anxiety disorder. If you’re trying to stay positive but still feel down and out, you could even have a nutritional deficiency that impacts your mental health. What many don’t know, what you eat plays a major role in fueling brain development.

Moreover, feeling hopeless and sad could be an indicator of bigger health chronic fatigue or mental health problems such as Seasonal Affective Disorder. When this happens, it is wise to seek medical help. It would also help to take a CircleDNA test to find out which mental health conditions you’re genetically more prone to.

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