CircleDNA Birthday Special: Inspiring Stories From Our #CircleChangemakers

CircleDNA just turned 2! Thank you for supporting us throughout our journey. What started out as a university spin-off by a team of professors focused on genetics and clinical research turned into the revolutionary project of spearheading the idea of preventive health. Nature creates its mosaic from cells. Human DNA is 99.9% identical from person to person, however, despite the 7.8 billion people around the globe, no two people are the same. That 0.1% means a world of difference. Contrary to popular belief, this deceptively tiny percentage amounts to millions of different locations within a genome where a variation can occur, hence making you unique from everyone else.

We are all human, with our own hopes, dreams, fears, and goals. With the right push, we can strive to become the best possible version of ourselves. With the most advanced DNA sequencing technology in the world, we are able to identify genetic differences and produce up to 500+ reports describing a person’s health risks, body type, behavioural characteristics and more. CircleDNA reports serve as a mirror for you to understand yourself at a cellular level, and make concrete plans to work towards your goals. With this knowledge, we’ve encouraged up to 50,000 people all around the world to take charge of their lives and make positive diet and lifestyle changes. How? Follow our CircleChangemakers as they grab life by the reins and take charge of their own life with the help of CircleDNA.