How Dina Inspired Change Despite Cancer Risk

Dina was always a health and wellness enthusiast. Often referred to as a “health nut” by her friends, Dina was known for her healthy lifestyle, including maintaining a healthy diet, sleeping well, bio-hacking, and exercising. Dina was a health and wellness influencer who thought she was on top of her health game. By taking the CircleDNA premium test, however, Dina discovered she has a BRCA1 gene mutation, putting her at a higher risk of potentially developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

As you can imagine, this information changed Dina’s worldview and frightened her. Even though her CircleDNA reports came with a whole bunch of other, more positive information about Dina’s ancestry, personality traits and fitness capabilities – she was still feeling unsettled by her cancer risk report.

Let’s dive into Dina’s story, and how her DNA test revealed information that changed her life:

Dina Always Wanted to be The Best Version of Herself


Although before the age of 25, Dina felt invincible (like nothing bad could happen to her). However, it didn’t take her long to start focusing on her health.

When she turned 25, Dina started teaching herself all about health and wellness. This was inspired by her own digestive issues and skin problems.

Dina started listening to numerous podcasts on bio-hacking, and doing a ton of health research. Around that time, she also began providing health content on her social media platforms because she enjoyed sharing her knowledge with others.

Dina has constantly strived to become the best version of herself. For many years she has been searching for a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. She has trialed various diets such as pescetarianism, veganism, keto as well as taking an array of supplements each day. Needless to say, her health has been a consistent priority.

“Wellness is a new wealth,” Dina would often say. She was a bit of a perfectionist when it came to her health and fitness.

Everything Seemed Fine Until Her DNA Test Results Came Back