Mother’s Day Special: Best #CircleCelebratesMum Stories

With Mother’s Day approaching, it’s common for people to be scrambling and trying to think of the perfect gift for their mum. So, don’t feel alone. Most people wait until the last minute.

Why not go beyond candles that will burn out and then need to be tossed, beyond the flowers that get thrown away in a few days after they die. These gifts are nice gestures, and mums love getting candles and flowers, but this year why not give your mum something that can give her insights into her health and well-being. There is nothing like a gift of making sure your mum is healthy.

Check out what our Circle ChangeMakers are saying.

Louisa Celebrates Her Warrior Mum

Louisa is ecstatic about providing her mother with the gift of health awareness. She believes “It’s time to look after our mums the way they look after us.” She is right. Mothers have worried, protected, and guided their children throughout their life. The same goes for Louisa. She said she is a strong lady today because a strong woman raised her. “She is a fighter, a cancer warrior and a powerful force of energy all bundled up into one amazing human being”. Surely, Mama Kan deserves the best possible gift.

When mums get older, they tend to forget about themselves as they are focused on their children. That’s why Louisa was excited to give her mum a CircleDNA kit for Mother’s Day.

Tahni Wants To Be A Fit Mama For Her Kids

Tahni wants one thing in life and that’s to remain healthy for her children and herself. For Mother’s Day, she is going to take a CircleDNA kit. When she completes the test, she will receive an extensive report that will show disease risks, cancer report, sleep and stress insights, success traits, and even more.

Tahni is not only excited about finding more information on her health, but she is anxious to share the results with her fans on Instagram.

She can take the information she gets from the CircleDNA test and be proactive with her health. Each person’s body is different. What may be better for her to remain healthy would be different for someone else. To stay around as long as possible for her children – as her handle suggests, “Raising Mini-Me” – she knows this DNA kit will be a major part of making sure this happens.

Gizelle Can’t Be More Proud Of Her Mini-Me

Gizellegail, a page with 6.7k followers belongs to Gizelle Gail who celebrated her daughter on mother’s day. Gizelle says that Kylie is her dream come true and the greatest blessing. Every time she looks at her, she sees a mirror of her younger self. “… she’s my mini-me not only physically she got most of my features, from her nose, eyes, and hair. But her sassy and funny personality too!”

Gizelle adds that her daughter is a happy child who shares the same passion for cooking and dining as she does. The greatest challenge she has experienced as a mother is to stay healthy and live longer for her kids.

Cavell-Lim Wants Him Mum to Stay Around for As Long As She Could

Cavell-Lim wants his mum to know he cares this Mother’s Day. To show how appreciative he is of her, he has decided to gift her a CircleDNA kit this year. With just a few swabs from the side of her cheeks, she will be able to gain insight on over 500 reports from health, diet, personality, medication, and heritage.

Cavell says his mum watches after his health in several ways and he just wants her to live a happy and healthy life. Mums are constantly making sure their kids are safe, from birth all the way until their last day on earth. Whether you are 20, 30, or even 50 and beyond, your mum never stops caring about your health. So, Cavell figured he could do the same for her. He cares about his mum’s health and wants to show her just how much he cares.

Anita Got Her Endurance From Her Grandma

Anita is blessed with such a wonderful grandmother. Her grandmother not only had a rough childhood but also lost her husband from cancer. Anita says her grandmother never let anything stop her from living her best life and getting her down. With such an unstoppable woman, Anita knew she had to gift her grandmother the best gift. Choosing CircleDNA as a gift was a no-brainer.

She is going to give her grandmother insights into a variety of health information so she can live a long, happy life. Anita says her grandmother has shown her resilience and the importance of standing up for what you believe in. Thanks to that, Anita has the success she does. She just wants to show her grandmother how thankful she is.

Emily Gives Mother’s Day A Healthy Spin

Emily was searching for a unique gift this year for her special mum. She wants to celebrate Mother’s Day in a healthier way this year. She is excited to gift her mum a CircleDNA kit. Now her mum will receive results that will help point out any potential illnesses through genetic analysis.

You can also see results about your behaviour and personality, so Emily is a little excited to get some insight into whether or not her personality stems from her mum!

There is something rewarding about giving your mum a gift like this on Mother’s Day.  Insights on your mum’s health can give her the necessary information to be proactive with her health and be able to stay around and healthy as long as possible with you.

Evelyn Hopes To Pass On Her Mother’s Best DNA Traits

What beats a nice, chill picnic, family quality time in the park, plus with 3 generations gathered together?

Evelyn posted a picture of her, the mum, and the daughter on Mother’s Day on her page evelynmarietta. She shared with her 34.3k followers that her mum and daughter are her greatest inspirations from different generations. Surely Evelyn got her beauty and entrepreneurial genes from her Mama. But the inheritance does not stop there.

Now a young mum herself, Mother’s Day becomes extra special and adds a fold of meaning to her. “I hope Pea will inherit my mother’s strength, kindness, warmth, tenacity, and bravery.” Everly also surprised her mother with the gift of health to appreciate the guidance she gave her from childhood.

Whit Can’t Thank Her Mum & Celebrate Wellness Together Enough

Whit can’t even describe all that her mum has done for her. With an endless list of all that her mum has done, she is excited to gift her mum the perfect Mother’s Day present this year. She has chosen to give her mum a CircleDNA kit.

Whit explains that her mum had struggles just like any mum in the world. She had her bad days. But one thing never changed, which was that her mum never stopped showing her love despite any bad days. To show how appreciative she is of her mum, she wanted to go beyond and find the most fitting gift.

Mums go through sleepless nights, stressful days, and more to maintain the care of their children. Of course, every sleepless night and every stressful day is worth it. However, Mother’s Day is a big day you can show your mum just how thankful you are for her going through all she did to raise you into the adult you are today.

That’s why Whit is excited to give her mum the DNA kit this year.

Can the CircleDNA Kit benefit your mum, too?

It can. The CircleDNA kit is for anyone who wants insights into their health, diet, personality, heritage, and more. Someone may seem healthy, but what they may not know is they are at an increased risk for a certain illness or cancer. It’s important to know these insights but they are not available without DNA testing.

It’s not just about illness, either. Many people have the struggle with dieting. With the CircleDNA kit, you will find out which diet may be more beneficial to your DNA. With hundreds of diets out there, there is no point to try each one and get stressed when they don’t work or only work for a little while. Why not know right away which diet is meant for your body?

There are different types of DNA kits, based on what you are looking for. If you are still shopping around for your mom this Mother’s Day, why not give her the gift of health awareness?

Even if you already got a gift, why not add this as a bonus gift? Nobody ever complains about an extra gift, plus you will get a bonus smile!

Check out our DNA test kitsand see which one can benefit your mum the most.

Also, let us know in the comments below why your mum deserves the world. Mother’s Day is such a special time and moms deserve to be recognized for their hard work

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