Top 5 Activities For Easter Break

Easter is one of the most fun and mood-boosting holidays to take part in. Everyone loves a good reason to celebrate, throw a party, dress up, or decorate. Celebrating holidays is part of living life to the fullest. Easter is right around the corner, so now you’ve got another great reason to host a get-together, decorate your house, and plan an Easter activity.

It doesn’t have to be some elaborate, fancy-schmancy shindig. Simply setting up a few decorations and hanging out with your loved ones at home for Easter is just lovely. Some say Easter feels like a mini-Christmas, because of the family dinners and some of the religious aspects, making it a perfect time for togetherness. Easter break also tends to be sunny, with the weather finally being nicer now that it’s springtime, and snow thawing in some parts of the world. This means an Easter picnic could be the perfect Easter break activity.

You’re not only celebrating Easter during Easter break, but you’re also spending time outdoors and celebrating the nicer spring weather.

For many, Easter is a sacred and beloved holiday that has religious underpinnings. But whether you attend service or not on this day, there are so many wonderful traditions to enjoy from fun Easter baskets to playful egg hunts, to wonderful Easter brunches or dinners. There is surely something exciting that you can do during Easter break. If you are looking for ways to liven up this holiday other than the usual bunny chocolates, below are some Easter break activities that you can do over Easter weekend to make the most of it, and make it memorable:

1. Host an Easter Themed Meal for Family or Friends

Hosting a themed Easter dinner is a wonderful thing to do over Easter break that feels festive. You’ll have fun decorating the table with colorful eggs and flowers, and you can even pass out bunny ears to all your attendees.

You could make it potluck style, so everyone contributes to the meal. Why not spice up dinner with a fun Easter theme? It can be anything from wearing the same pastel Easter colors, going with spring florals, or the aforementioned wearing bunny ears. You decide! Then take tons of pictures for posterity.

2. Go on a Mini-Vacation or Weekend Getaway

Should your budget permit, another fun Easter break activity is going on a mini-vacation or weekend getaway with family or friends. Perhaps there’s a cute cottage you can rent with some friends that’s a short drive away, a nearby scenic lake you could camp out at and roast marshmallows, or a bustling party town you could rent a hotel near.

Since you have some days off work due to the holiday, Easter break is a great time to plan a spontaneous getaway. Studies show that taking a short break is an efficient recovery strategy as it helps relieve stress and allows you to recharge.


3. Paint Easter Eggs and Make Crafts

Whether you have kids or not, painting Easter eggs and making crafts is fun for people of all ages. Apart from traditional egg hunts, egg painting is also an activity that has become an Easter tradition for many people, because it’s genuinely fun and feels festive. There’s beauty in this simple activity because it brings an onslaught of happy memories for the older bunch. At the same time, painting eggs is always a hit with the kids. This affordable but fun activity is a great way to bring your family or friend group together.

Painting and decorating Easter eggs is also a fantastic way to express your creativity, bring out your artistic side, and create a piece of art you can be proud of.

You can also try other crafty things like making Easter baskets, making lucky bunny charms, and mosaic posters. Use them to decorate your home, gift to friends, or to make the ambiance more festive. Having a creative outlet allows your imagination to flourish and creative juices to flow. Research asserts that expressing your creativity helps manage stress, mitigates anxiety, and boosts your mood.

4. Decadent Easter Brunch

Many boutique hotels and trendy restaurants offer a special brunch menu at Easter time. They might add some extra colorful flowers to the table decorations, add an Easter themed menu item, and decorate their establishment with Easter and spring decorations.

You can either reserve a table at one of these establishments and invite some friends, or host an Easter brunch at your place, doing the decorating and menu planning yourself. It’s always fun to add a few extras, such as bunny-shaped cookies and bowls of mini eggs on the table. Have fun with it and get creative.

5. Go to See an Easter Play or Show

Your local theatre likely has some sort of Easter play, theatre performance or show that you can buy tickets to. Going to see an Easter show helps put you in the spirit of the holiday, and it’s just a really fun activity to do over Easter break.

Easter is a holiday that evokes happiness and excitement in most people, so take advantage of the vibe. Use it to celebrate life, surrounded by people you love. Bear in mind, there is no one correct way to commemorate this occasion, and the aforementioned activities are just some of the many things you can do over Easter break. Easter is a holiday for everyone to enjoy. If you’re not invited to a family Easter dinner or group activity, consider taking the initiative to host an Easter activity and invite some friends and family to the occasion.

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