7 Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

If you’re looking to get fit, have fun, lose weight, all while staying motivated and being held accountable, group fitness classes are for you. If you struggle with self-motivation, joining group fitness classes provide you benefits that solo workouts can’t offer. You’ll work harder, because you’re working at the pace of the group, and you’ll feel more motivated while having more fun exercising. Read on to discover 7 benefits of group fitness classes and why you should sign up.

1. Get Motivation and Inspiration

Do you find it difficult to find the motivation to hit the gym after a long day at work? Group fitness classes are your to-go option as they provide you with the motivation you need. It is very easy for you to think of skipping a session. But when your friends, family, or instructors are expecting you to show up because you signed up, you won’t miss the session because you don’t want to disappoint them.

Besides, the energy from the class is contagious. It encourages you to push yourself a little harder than usual. For instance, when you see someone next to you moving faster or lifting heavier, it encourages you to push your limits.

Not to mention, the feel-good music played during most group fitness classes is energizing and uplifting, no matter how tired you are.


2. Accountability

If you have a scheduled group fitness session, it is more likely that you’ll stick to your routine. Most group classes require you to book a spot in advance. If you decide to skip or cancel at the last minute, you’ll get charged for your cancellation or get a bad reputation. The thought of a heavy penalty will keep you going, and to never skip a session.

Improving your fitness knowledge group fitness is more than showing up once a week. Scheduled sessions help you create consistency. It helps you maintain your schedule of attending classes at least once or twice a week. Yet, you can take breaks in between, but you don’t stop completely. Thus, you are accountable to yourself by going back to the gym after the break. Group-mates also hold you accountable by constantly checking on you. It helps you stay on track with your health goals.

3. Learn Fitness Skills

When you are starting, group fitness classes are the best way to learn new skills. With group classes, your instructor shows you how to do a movement in proper form. Even if your form is off, your trainer helps you correct it so that you don’t injure yourself. It helps reduce potential injuries that could occur otherwise through solo gym workouts. Proper form also helps you reap big from your routine, be it muscle gains or weight loss.

Further, you get feedback from your fellow group members as your work out. For example, if you are doing an exercise and your form is off, someone may notice it before the instructor does.  And help you to correct the form.

4. Find Community Support

Joining a class can give you access to an amazing network of people with whom you share common goals and interests. Your community helps you feel comfortable, even if you don’t meet your daily fitness goal.  It is only through failure that you learn, and pushing your limits helps you see progress. You’ll also bond over shared experiences and create relationships that will last longer than one annual gym membership.

5. Try Different Types of Workouts

Doing the same moves over and over can become boring. It can also hinder your results. Group fitness classes are a great way to mix things for your workout routine. They help you try out different types of workouts. You can try out yoga, circuit training, and Pilates without having to sign up for a new gym membership. Besides, it is super easy because your trainer will be planning your exercise, and you don’t have to crack your head over it.


6. Group Fitness Classes are Fun

Group fitness classes are a great way to have fun working out! If you’re the kind of person who benefits from social support, then group training is perfect for you. It makes exercise much more enjoyable and rewarding. Not only are other people cheering you on- which studies show can improve your motivation. But there’s also an element of competition involved. Most group workouts will help you push yourself further than alone at the gym or home. Besides depending on your exercise routine, you may join, for example, Zumba classes which are more fun. They boost your moods as you sing along the lyrics.

7. Group Fitness Classes Reduce Stress

With a hectic work schedule, it can be difficult to find the time for working out. Let alone force yourself to get up early enough to complete an intense workout. With group fitness classes, however, you won’t have this problem. There’s always someone waiting for you. Having others around helps reduce stress levels. So that, when it’s time to hit the gym or show up at class, getting started is no longer a chore. Rather something fun and exciting you are looking forward to.

If you already know how to exercise, group classes offer other benefits. These classes allow you to learn new exercises and discover how to achieve your fitness goals. And with a mix of cardio and strength training workouts included in most sessions. There’s always something new you can all benefit from. Whether it is toning up muscles or losing weight- it all happens when you work out with others and are held accountable by a group mentality.


Group fitness classes provide benefits that you can’t find in solo gym sessions. Benefits of group fitness classes include getting expertise training, improved physical health, motivation, and the opportunity to learn new skills. They are also great for improving overall health and meeting new friends.

If you’re wondering which group fitness classes to sign up for and you’re a little overwhelmed by all of the options, we can help. For starters, get your DNA test completed through CircleDNA so that you can find out your genetic fitness profile. This will inform you of your natural strengths and weaknesses in terms of endurance, power and strength. Our fitness reports help people figure out their optimal workout routine.

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