How To Stay Fit While You’re Traveling

It’s normal to fall off the fitness wagon when you travel, but this doesn’t have to be the case. You can stay fit while traveling if you follow a few of the tips in this article. Many travelers are concerned about whether or not they’ll be able to stay fit while traveling, and this is often because they’ve worked hard to get fit.

When you’re at home, you might have a great fitness routine in place. Perhaps you have personal training sessions scheduled three times per week, or you’re a member of a spin studio and you go to spin classes regularly. Your fitness routine could easily get disrupted by going on a vacation or traveling. However, there are definitely ways to be active while traveling.

It’s also common for travelers to eat more unhealthy foods during their vacation, or avoid exercising. The problem with falling off the wagon during a trip is that it could be very difficult to get back into your health and fitness routine when you’re back home.

Some travelers have a hard time staying fit while they’re away. On the other hand, many travelers have no problem staying fit while they’re abroad. Some travelers actually lose weight while they’re away because they are more active while traveling than they are at home. These types of travelers often end up enjoying their trip more, because they feel healthy and they get those feel-good endorphins that are released through exercise. Exercise is a natural mood-booster, so you will enjoy the trip more if you stay active. You’ll also come home feeling healthy, instead of feeling like you need a vacation after your vacation. If you want to stay fit and healthy while traveling, below are some tips:

Explore By Foot: Go On Walking Tours

If you want to explore various sights, landmarks, and points of interest in a new location, what are your tour options? Chances are, you’ll have the choice of bus tours, trolley tours, boat tours or walking tours. If you want to stay fit while traveling, choose the walking tours as often as you can. Walking with a guide is a great way to stay active while you explore a new city or town. Plus, walking tours typically allow for more time to get up-close-and-personal with more time to experience each sight, and you’ll therefore get to enjoy what you’re seeing much more.


Avoid All-Inclusive Resorts

All-inclusive resorts might as well be called all-you-can-eat resorts, because that’s what they are. It’s much more difficult to watch what you eat at all-inclusive resorts, because you’re told that you can eat as much as you want (for free). Plus, you can drink as many cocktails as you want, for free, and many of these cocktails are dangerous liquid calories, loaded with sugar (such as the popular pina colada). All-inclusive resorts have a lot of desserts, unhealthy foods, and it’s all way too easily accessible. When it’s that easy to access all of the food, you’re bound to over-indulge. You’ll probably eat too much, and then feel too sick to do anything active. You’ll overeat, and then you’ll just have enough energy to lounge by the pool all day.

Opt For Adventure Travel

If you want to stay fit and healthy while traveling, opt for adventure travel. Adventure travel is a trip that involves something like exploring beautiful hiking trails, prime surfing locations, kayaking, rock climbing, snorkeling or scuba diving. Not only are you getting exercise and being a healthier, more active traveler – you’re also exploring more than you would during a resort-style vacation. You’re seeing more sights, experiencing more unique experiences, and adventuring more. Know what your destination is known for, adventure-wise. For example, British Columbia, Canada is known for scenic, gorgeous hiking trails and Hawaii is known for surfing.


Pack Athletic Clothing

Make sure to pack comfortable, stretchy athleisure clothing and proper running shoes. Additionally, if where you’re going is known for beautiful hiking trails, be sure to pack hiking shoes and a fanny pack. Similarly, if you know you’ll be surfing, pack the type of swimsuit that stays in place. If you’re prepared to be active because you’ve packed the right clothing, you’ll be ready for an active day on your trip.

Hit Up Local Farmer’s Markets

Enjoy the local fresh fruits and vegetables rather than indulging in carb-heavy meals. Try to be conscious of what you eat and make healthy choices while you travel. Hit up farmers markets to find fresh fruits and vegetables. A bonus is that farmers markets typically also have other fun vendors and booths that sell cool souvenirs and handmade crafts. You’ll also find unique healthy snacks from vendors, such as dried apple slices with cinnamon and yummy trail mix.

If you eat at a local restaurant, try the local fresh fish or other options that are healthier than your average burger. The bonus of eating healthy is that you won’t feel sluggish or tired, which is how you feel when you eat too much (especially when you eat too many carbs). You’ll have more energy to explore and enjoy your trip if you eat cleaner, healthier and more nutritional foods.

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