Meet Circle HealthPod’s #CovidFighter Donnie Yen Ji-dan

One of Circle HealthPod’s advocates is Donnie Yen Ji-Dan. You may have heard of him, as Donnie Yen Ji-Dan is a world-renowned Martial Artist, film director and producer. Donnie has definitely made his mark in the filmmaking industry in Asia, Hollywood and beyond.

Donnie was faced with serious challenges because of Covid, which is one of the reasons he’s an advocate for the new portable Covid test, Circle HealthPod. The HealthPod is a fast, easy-to-use, reliable and portable Covid test for those who want to be able to test themselves for Covid whenever they please. HealthPod is one of the only portable covid tests that can detect all Covid variants, including the delta variant.

Donnie believes rapid covid testing is the key to a better new normal, and strongly advocates for innovative portable Covid testing devices such as Circle HealthPod, to keep us living safe and confident lives. He explains, “Covid has shown we need collective action involving each and every one of us. Now, more than ever, innovation is our only hope. I’m a #CovidFighter, and united, we are strong. Rapid testing is the key to a better normal. ”

Let’s discuss why Donnie Yen Ji-Dan became one of Circle HealthPod’s inspiring #CovidFighters. We’ll go over what Donnie’s vision of the new normal is, and detail his post-pandemic growth.


Donnie Yen Ji-Dan’s Post-Pandemic Growth

Covid greatly affected Donnie Yen Ji-Dan. He was faced with many challenges due to the pandemic. With the global pandemic and its accompanying travel restrictions, Donnie was drained from multiple 14 – 21 day quarantines whenever he had to travel across Hong Kong and China for film productions. Besides affecting his work and daily life, the pandemic also caused strain on his personal relationships.

Succumbing to unfavourable circumstances, however, is not Donnie’s style. He states that the pandemic has taught everyone a valuable lesson and led us to re-think the lifestyles that we took for granted. Donnie explains, “Covid has altered our working patterns. It allowed us to take a break from our busy work life, focus more on our loved ones and our health, and reflect on the core values that we truly hold dear.”

Instead of being obstructed by the obstacles the pandemic brought, Donnie chose to rise to the challenge and focus on the pandemic’s silver lining: putting everything in perspective.

What Covid Taught Us

Donnie emphasized how much Covid taught us about the importance of innovative technology. He explained how much we need innovative technology and a collective effort towards a better new normal. Donnie says, “Covid proved our need for collective action. Innovation is our only hope. That’s why I’m an advocate for the Circle HealthPod. Rapid and portable virus testing with Circle HealthPod is the key to a better new normal.”

Donnie deeply trusts that innovative technology is our greatest hope in combating the pandemic and leading us in creating a better new normal.“Never before have the lives of so many people around the world been affected simultaneously at this scale,” says Donnie of the global pandemic.


Why Donnie Yen Ji-Dan Uses the Portable Covid Testing Device from Circle HealthPod

Donnie takes his health and safety very seriously, and he’d do whatever he could to help stop the spread of Covid. As a firm believer that frequent Covid testing is the best action for fighting this pandemic, Donnie uses Circle HealthPod as his go-to portable Covid testing device all the time. Donnie uses the HealthPod as a lab in his pocket. He uses it to test himself for Covid when he’s on the go wherever he travels, for filming and in everyday life.

Donnie uses this portable Covid test to stay safe during work-related travels and to keep track of his health.

Donnie points out, “Covid showed us that we all want to be social, we want time with our families, we want work, and we want to be healthy. We may have taken these things for granted before, but the pandemic helped put things in perspective.”

Donnie speaks for the majority of us when he says that he won’t stand idly by when we protect ourselves and our loved ones by being proactive.

He believes owning a portable and rapid Covid test such as the HealthPod is the key, and one of the best ways to be proactive and beat the pandemic. Frequent Covid testing is one of the best ways to stop the spread of the virus and go through life confidently, always aware of your Covid status. This way, you’ll feel safe enough to travel and go to family gatherings, after quickly confirming your negative Covid status with the rapid HealthPod device.

The New Normal

The pandemic has changed everything for some people. Can we ever go back to normal? It’s now more important than ever to track your health and keep yourself and others safe. Keep your priorities in check, and remember how important health is. The portable virus test Circle HealthPod helps us all maintain a better new normal.

Donnie Yen Ji-dan is only one of our Circle #CovidFighters we’ll be introducing these unique true stories about. Stay tuned for more #CovidFighter stories, and in the meantime, as Donnie says, “May the HealthPod be with you.“

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