John Yeong Talks About His Mother-Son Relationship & Wellness This Mother’s Day

As your mum gave you life, it’s hard to find a gift great enough to return the favour. For Mother’s Day, John Yeong, a sports host, TV presenter, and influencer, found something that he thinks is pretty close: a CircleDNA kit that can help his mum understand her health and body better.

After his mum was hospitalised for a heart attack scare in 2020, John realised once again just how fragile life is. For John Yeong to show his love, care, and appreciation for his mum this Mother’s Day, he gave her a CircleDNA kit.

Spoiler alert: She loved it.

His moving Instagram post made the team at CircleDNA want to learn more about his relationship with his mother, how his family is dealing with lifestyle changes due to Covid, and what John Yeong plans to do for Mother’s Day.

CircleDNA’s Head of Community, Florence Tsai, interviewed John to find out more.