Share the Love This Month

It’s officially Love season! A magical time when social media feeds are bombarded with cute couple portraits featuring extravagant bouquets. Valentine’s Day falls on the 14th of February and it is an occasion for couples to show their love and appreciation for each other by gifting presents.

However, flowers wilt and chocolates aren’t exactly the healthiest thing around. Instead of traditional displays of affection, here’s how our influencers celebrated Valentine’s Day:

Heart-felt Relationship Lessons

This Valentine’s Day, Cheuk Ying shares some profound lessons she learnt from her relationship. The influencer opens up and describes her initial struggle with her relationship as her and her partners’ personalities are as different as night and day, which makes her wonder if they have any similar DNA at all. However, they conquered their challenges with a vast amount of patience and empathy. The older you get, your expectations in a life partner change. At the end of the day, all we want is for someone to be there for us, and to love us unconditionally, through thick and thin.

Show Your Love With a CircleDNA Kit

Mountain Yam expresses his love in a slightly unconventional way. Instead of the traditional flower bouquet, he urges his followers to pamper their partners with the gift of health. A simple CircleDNA test can reveal up to 500+ valuable insights ranging from health risks to nutrition and fitness reports. With these insights your loved one will be able to formulate a health plan and make positive changes to their lifestyle. This will greatly benefit them in the long run. As Mountain says, “Treat yourself well, but treat your other half better!”

Get To Know Your Loved Ones with CircleDNA

Since a young age, Jessie Lam has never been good at expressing herself. Despite this difficulty, her family and friends have never gotten frustrated with her, in fact, they showered her with love and acceptance year after year. Her personal experience taught her that understanding each other is the secret to fostering successful relationships. This Valentine’s Day, she wants her loved ones to get to know each other better by taking the CircleDNA test. Personal reports can help friends and family understand themselves better so they can express their love appropriately.

Family Planning With CircleDNA

Assom is a mother of two and a fitness enthusiast. She is excited to test out the world’s most comprehensive DNA testing kit and analyze her reports. With these in-depth reports, this bicycle enthusiast can make tweaks to her lifestyle. Out of all the CircleDNA reports, the one that she is most interested in is her health and disease risk so she is aware of potential hereditary diseases she might pass on to her kids. There is also a family planning report so parents can make informed decisions and protect the baby, right from the very start.

Improve Your Relationship With Your Body

The sheer amount of fad diets and workouts out there is dizzying. The sad truth? Your body isn’t compatible with a lot of fad diets and workouts. Lenox Knight has always wanted to know what foods work better for her body and what to avoid. Nutrition reports can easily answer this question! With just a few changes to her diet, this singer and dancer can easily smash her body goals and nurture her relationship with her body.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Diamonique and Marcus Valentine are strong believers that prevention is better than cure. The couple are excited to understand their body better through the 500 reports across 20 categories. They are interested in discovering their health and disease risks. With the knowledge, they can motivate each other to make healthy lifestyle changes that may lower their health and disease risks. After all, couples that do DNA tests together, stay together!

Healthy Lifestyle Inspo

Lucia Ghidetti and her partner share a passion for food. They are always on the hunt for good eats. Recently, they have committed to take better care of their health by training and eating more regularly. Part of the responsibility of a partner is to support their other half and motivate them to achieve their goals and dreams. To help them achieve their goal, they splurged on CircleDNA test kits to pinpoint the exact changes they need to make. With the various reports from up to 20 categories, the love birds can motivate each other to stick to their healthy lifestyle.

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