Top 10 Benefits of DNA Testing

With great knowledge about oneself comes great power, and that’s why there are so many benefits of DNA testing. When you get a DNA test, you can learn an incredible amount of information about yourself. This newfound knowledge can improve your quality of life moving forward. DNA tests are also very beneficial for your health and preventative health, especially if you get a premium DNA test from CircleDNA.

In fact, a premium DNA testing kit from CircleDNA provides you with over 500 reports about yourself in 20 categories. This includes information about your dietary needs, personality traits, cancer and disease risk, brain health, stress and sleep reports, family planning, behavioural traits, physical traits, ancestry information and much more.

There are a plethora of benefits of getting a DNA test done. We’ll narrow it down to the top 10 benefits of DNA testing:

1. Dietary Needs: Learn What to Eat According to Your Genes


A DNA test can help you optimise your health by providing you with information about your possible food sensitivities, food intolerances, and optimal diet based on your genes. Once you learn what to eat according to your genes, you could start noticing better overall health and wellness. Many social media influencers have tried modifying their diet based on their dietary report from CircleDNA and had fantastic results.

Your DNA test will provide you with your own unique dietary profile, complete with recommendations based on your personal dietary needs. You’ll learn about things like possible carbohydrate sensitivities, fat sensitivities, lactose intolerance, caffeine sensitivities and alcohol sensitivities. Someone who is genetically sensitive to carbohydrates, for example, might decide to go on a low carb diet. This is only one example of many ways the dietary reports can help you figure out your optimal diet for optimal health.

2. Genetic Nutrition Report

CircleDNA’s genetic nutrition report notifies you of specific vitamins and minerals you might need more of, based on your genetics. Your DNA report can tell you about your body’s ability to absorb certain essential vitamins and minerals. For example, if you genetically have higher needs for iron, you’ll realize you need to add more iron to your diet. These genetic nutrition reports truly help transform your health. You’ll learn which vitamins and minerals you might be at risk for deficiencies in, and can accordingly perform specific blood tests for those vitamins to understand your current state. You can modify your intake of these micronutrients accordingly.

3. Preventative Health: Reports on Cancer and Disease Risk

Are you genetically at risk for certain cancers or diseases? One of the top benefits of DNA testing is that you could find out your risk for cancers and diseases. A premium CircleDNA test will provide you with information about a certain list of conditions, diseases and cancer-causing genetic mutations you might have.

You’ll also learn about your risk for other health conditions, including your risk for obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. If you find out you’re at risk for any diseases or cancers, you can take preventative measures by adjusting your lifestyle choices, performing necessary screening tests, getting more frequent check-ups and taking preventive measures based on the results. You can also start long-term planning just in case, so that you’re prepared or so that your family is prepared.

When a DNA test states that you’re at risk, this doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to get that cancer or develop that disease. You can mitigate risk and fight against your genetics by adjusting your lifestyle choices and scheduling more frequent check-ups with your doctor. A genetics counsellor can help you understand the results in detail and devise a plan of action on what to do next. Your DNA test comes with a free counselling session with a genetics counsellor.

4. Ancestry Information


Another one of the benefits of DNA testing is learning more about your ethnic background. The DNA test can estimate the percentage of where your ancestry comes from in six different geographical regions.

5. Skin Profile

It’s undeniable that most people care about the health and appearance of their skin. Are you genetically prone to certain skin conditions? One of the most interesting benefits of DNA testing is that you can learn your skin’s genetic profile and take preventative measures against these skin conditions. Based on your genetic testing results, we can inform you of your skin’s natural strengths and weaknesses. You’ll learn about your skin age, acne risk, cellulite tendencies, wrinkle formation risk, skin bruising tendencies, your skin hydration needs, hyperpigmentation risk, and more.

6. Face, Body and Physical Traits

DNA testing can tell you a lot about your physical traits. If you’ve wondered, for example, why you have difficulty gaining weight or gaining curves, your DNA test could explain why. Did you know that award-winning bodybuilder Mack Fitt found out he was genetically prone to something called ‘persistent thinness’ but was able to fight against his genetics and become a bodybuilder? His CircleDNA results helped him understand why he had such a difficult time building muscle mass. It was written in his DNA to be on the thinner side. He used that information as a cue that due to his genetics, he’d need to work a lot harder than most of his peers to become a bodybuilder. He achieved this goal, and thanks CircleDNA for the help in understanding his body.

7. Personality and Behavior: Get to Know Yourself Better


Getting to know yourself better helps you love yourself and accept yourself. It’s very important to keep learning about yourself and keep getting to know yourself. One of the top 10 benefits of DNA testing is definitely understanding yourself and your core personality better.

Did you know that neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin create a framework for your core personality? CircleDNA analyses genes related to these neurotransmitters to determine your genetic behavioural disposition. Through DNA testing, you’ll learn about your genetic strengths and weaknesses when it comes to agreeableness, openness, extraversion, conscientiousness, neuroticism, altruism, emotional intelligence and much more.

8. Addiction Tendencies

Addiction of any sort is a very serious health concern, so it can be very helpful to learn about your addiction tendencies based on your DNA. If you’re at risk for food addiction, alcohol addiction or smoking addiction, for example, your DNA report will include information about these risks. This is the type of crucial information that could deter a person from indulging in alcohol often. They would not want to develop an addiction – especially if they’re genetically at risk for it.

9. Optimal Training Program: Your Fitness Reports

A comprehensive DNA test from CircleDNA can help you understand your body type and figure out your optimal training program for the best possible fitness results. Strength, power and endurance, for example, will be naturally high or low depending on your genetics. Health and fitness influencer Joanna Soh, for example, said that her CircleDNA results indicated she has low strength, medium power, and high endurance. Soh confirmed how accurately the results matched with her profile and explained that CircleDNA’s fitness reports helped her figure out a way to modify her training routine to utilize her naturally high endurance and work on her weaknesses when it came to strength. She saw good results from modifying her fitness regimen based on her DNA results. Benefits of DNA testing also include individual sports profiles, where you’ll learn which sports you might be better at based on your DNA.

10. Family Planning Based on Your DNA


Are you thinking of starting a family and want to get pregnant? If you and your partner both get a comprehensive DNA test, you can get genetic insights on whether you or your partner carry inheritable conditions that could be passed on to your children. Many of us are carriers and we don’t know it. One of the most important things to learn is whether you and your partner are both carriers of the same inheritable condition, as this increases the risk of passing the condition on to your unborn child.

When it comes to family planning, knowing both parents are carriers means that the couple might decide to do IVF (in vitro fertilisation) post-screening of the embryos that will not be affected by the inherited condition and could be chosen to be placed into the womb of the mother. This is called pre-implantation genetic testing for monogenic/single-gene diseases, also known as PGT-M or PGS. You can consider the safest options for family planning after reviewing your DNA test results. That’s why one of the top benefits of DNA testing is safe family planning.

Benefits of DNA Testing: The Bottom Line

With a DNA test as comprehensive as the CircleDNA premium test (which provides over 500 reports about you in over 20 categories), it goes without saying that there are more than 10 benefits of DNA testing. These top 10 benefits of getting a DNA test are only a glimpse into what kind of information you’ll learn about yourself with CircleDNA.

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After reading only 10 of the many benefits of DNA testing, are you convinced that you need a DNA test? It’s CircleDNA’s birthday, so we’d like to offer you a special discount for our premium DNA test. You can take advantage of this offer and reap the benefits of getting a DNA test by clicking here. Let’s celebrate getting to know yourself better and taking care of your health.


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