Joanna Soh: How to Find the Perfect Diet for Your Genes

Is there such thing as a perfect diet? According to Joanna Soh, it is possible to find that out!

Do they actually work?

Scientific studies have shown that 95% of us put the weight back on within 4 years. Even worse, 41% of dieters end up gaining even more weight than they lost.

With thousands of diets available, it’s increasingly difficult to know what to eat. Recent research now indicates a one-size-fits-all approach to dieting is ineffective. Dietary advice should differ from person to person.

Increasingly, the focus for health and weight loss is turning to personalised nutrition.

Joanna Soh: How to find the Perfect Diet

If you’re sick and tired of dieting, don’t despair. A recent article by German scientists described genetic testing as an “innovative and promising” approach to custom nutrition advice. With DNA testing now more accessible than ever, it’s easy to learn about your genetic makeup — so you can stop guessing what to eat and start making informed choices about your diet.

Joanna Soh Finds the Perfect Diet for Her Genes through CircleDNA

Top Asian health and fitness influencer Joanna Soh took her DNA test with CircleDNA in March 2020. She wanted to understand her body better so she could optimise her health. After 12 months of applying the advice in CircleDNA’s reports, Joanna took to YouTube to share her results with her 2.4 million subscribers.

As a certified personal trainer, Nutrition Coach and Women’s Fitness Specialist, Joanna Soh knows her stuff. She advocates against fad diets and promotes positive body image.

Every body is beautiful,” Joanna says. “But to achieve the perfect body, you must first understand your body and work according to your body type.”

“Many people think that by following the latest diet and a trendy exercise regime, they can look like their favourite celebrity,” she continues. “The truth is, the bodies we see on social media are more of a fantasy than reality.”

This doesn’t mean you should give up. Your body shape is, to some extent, genetically predefined. But, Joanna adds, “There is still lots you can do to improve the body you were given and feel amazing in it.”

For Joanna Soh, knowing her genetic profile helped her grow in self-acceptance. She explains: “After understanding my genetics and how my body is made, I learned to embrace it.”

She stresses too that, while genetics play a huge part in our body shape, we don’t have to blame our weight gain on our genes.

“[Genetics] shouldn’t serve as an excuse to live an unhealthy life.”– Joanna Soh on finding the perfect diet