Celebrating Christmas Alone: 8 Joyful Ways To Spend The Holidays Solo

Celebrating Christmas alone isn’t easy, but many people have to celebrate the holidays solo due to circumstance.

Even if you don’t know anyone else who is celebrating Christmas alone, don’t forget that countless people around the world are celebrating the holidays by themselves – and many of them don’t mind.

The holidays are meant to be a joyful time for everyone, not just families and couples. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always feel that way. There are countless Christmas songs, movies, and events, all specifically tied to spending time with loved ones during the winter holidays. Not to mention, in a world of social media, most of us are constantly bombarded with pictures of people opening presents with children, sharing a kiss with their partner under the mistletoe, or on some romantic winter holiday date.

If you’re celebrating the holidays alone, it’s easy to feel like an outcast. Even if you enjoy your solo, independent lifestyle and the freedom it offers you most of the time, you may start to feel extra lonely around the festive season. However, Christmas spent alone doesn’t have to be miserable.

There are still plenty of ways to have fun and enjoy the magic of Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Year’s Eve, without the company of others.

Below are 8 great ways to celebrate the winter holidays on your own:

1.  Bask in the Freedom of a Solo Celebration

One of the best ways to enjoy celebrating Christmas alone is to think about all of the freedom you’re going to have during this period. You might not be able to take part in family traditions, or enjoy a romantic stroll with a partner, but you also don’t have to cope with annoying or judgmental relatives over a Christmas dinner.

Spending the holidays alone means you’re in complete control of how you spend your time. You don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn to watch children open presents. There’s no need to take part in any boring games, or tidy up piles of wrapping paper.

Plan a day that focuses on exactly what you want to do, and nothing else. You can wear your pajamas all day, eat whatever food you like outside of the traditional holiday fare, and listen to any music you like, as loudly as you want. Make your own rules, and enjoy them!

2. Set Your Own Traditions When Celebrating Christmas Alone

It’s fun to come up with your own Christmas traditions, and this is a form of great self-love. Celebrating Christmas alone means you get to create some traditions specific to you and your interests. If you don’t have any family traditions to take part in, ask yourself what might make the festive period feel a little more special for you.

You could cook yourself a delicious and healthy meal on Christmas eve, and eat it when watching your favorite holiday film. You could also plan a holiday shopping spree on the day after Christmas, so you can take advantage of all the winter sales while everyone else is still recovering from consuming too much food and bubbly the day before.

You might even decide to use the holiday period as an opportunity for reflection. You can look back over the previous year, and celebrate the goals you’ve accomplished, before setting new targets for the year ahead.

3. Buy Presents for Yourself and Wrap Them

Love yourself and treat yourself this holiday season. If you don’t have to spend all of your income on gifts for a partner or children during the festive season, you should have some extra cash left over by the end of the year. You can even budget for Celebrating Christmas alone each year, just like you would if you were buying gifts for other people.

Using the money you’ve saved up, buy yourself some of the things you’ve been keeping your eye on in recent months, and wrap them with festive paper. You can even place your gifts under the tree if you like, to create that fun, festive vibe in your home.

It might feel a little silly to waste wrapping paper on gifts when you know what’s inside, but it means you can enjoy the thrill of unwrapping something you really want, without having to

4. Focus on Self Care

Self-care is important any time of year. But it can be particularly valuable during the holiday season if you’re Celebrating Christmas alone. Many of us feel a little down and isolated during the holidays, regardless of whether we have someone to celebrate with. Investing a little time into looking after yourself can ensure you feel refreshed, and ready to tackle the year ahead.

If you’re not working, spend your morning sleeping in and enjoying some warm, comfy moments in bed. Make yourself a delicious breakfast, and consider indulging in the foods and drinks you love the most. Choose the most expensive coffee, or fanciest hot chocolate on the shelf.

Treat yourself to long, luxurious bubble baths, face masks, and pampering sessions. Give yourself a manicure, scrub away dry skin, and experiment with the latest health and beauty trends you’ve seen circulating on channels like TikTok.

5. Travel Somewhere New

If you don’t have anyone you need to stay home for during the festive season, why not expand your horizons with a little travel? While some locations can be quite expensive to visit during the holidays, you can get a great deal on some last-minute flights and train trips.

Hire an Airbnb or hotel in an area you’ve always wanted to see during the winter. There are countless amazing options to choose from, from magical Scandinavian countries such as Iceland or Norway, to locations steeped in history, such as Prague or Italy.

Celebrating Christmas alone in a new location is a fantastic way to increase your confidence, and develop your independence. It’s also a chance to see more of the world without having to adjust your itinerary to the needs of others. If you plan your schedule to be packed full of activities, you’ll be too busy having fun and making new memories to worry about spending Christmas alone.

6. Use Virtual Connections Carefully

When you’re feeling lonely during the holidays, it’s often a good idea to reach out to friends and family members virtually. Even if you can’t be with your loved ones in person, you can still arrange a video call for some meaningful face-to-face time.

There are even apps which allow you to play virtual games with people over the web if you want to enjoy a game of Pictionary or online jeopardy when celebrating Christmas alone. Alternatively, if you don’t have anyone specific to reach out to, you could consider using a forum to connect with others. Sarah Millican hosts a Christmas Day Chat on Twitter every year.

Keep in mind, while the online world can be great for bridging the gaps between you and your loved ones, it can also be detrimental to your mental health in large doses. Try to avoid scrolling through pictures of families and couples on social media for hours at a time, as this could seriously harm your mood.

7. Make Yourself a Holiday Snack Board and Decorate Your Home

When you’re alone over the holidays, you might find it fun to create a festive and tasty holiday snack board for yourself. You could cut cheese into star shapes, decorate the board with sprigs of holly, add your favorite meats, pastries and snacks. Here are some instructions on how to make the ultimate holiday snack board.

Make yourself a holiday cocktail such as brandy and eggnog while you’re at it!

Hang some lights and other decorations around your home, light some candles, and enjoy your festive snacks and drinks while watching a classic Christmas movie.

8. Give Something Back

When you’re feeling low, one of the best things you can do is give something back to the people around you who might be less fortunate. In fact, research shows that performing acts of kindness for others can actually help to reduce feelings of loneliness.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to explore your charitable side during the festive season. You can consider volunteering for a soup kitchen or food bank, and help cook delicious food for people who might not have access to a standard Christmas feast. You could deliver meals on wheels, or take part in a walk to raise money for charity.

Volunteering with the charity Re-Engage will even give you an opportunity to chat with elderly people who could also be spending the holidays alone. Volunteering doesn’t just help you feel good about yourself, it also gives you an opportunity to connect with countless other people during the holidays. You could even make some new life-long friends.

Have a Joyful Holiday By Yourself

Celebrating Christmas alone can feel daunting for many of us. When the people around you seem to be constantly sharing photos of their amazing moments with their family, it’s easy to feel left out. However, the holidays don’t just have to be about spending time with others.

It’s more than possible to enjoy an amazing festive season solo. With a little planning, a focus on self-care, and some creativity, you can still enjoy the holidays as the most wonderful time of the year.

You can even use this time alone as an opportunity to learn more about yourself, and invest in better health for the years ahead. A CircleDNA test will give you insight into your DNA and personality traits. The information you get could help you to achieve your goals as you head into the new year.


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