Is CircleDNA Reliable? Here are Asia’s Queen of Pop, G.E.M.’s Top 3 Reasons To Take The Test

Is CircleDNA Reliable? G.E.M said, getting a CircleDNA test is like reading the book your genetics have written about you. Is the book uniquely written for you, accurate about you? Let’s find out!

Taking the test can help you understand yourself on a deeper level to make more informed decisions in your life.

For instance, your DNA test results might help you to understand which foods you should avoid, or which kind of tests you should be asking your doctor for.

Aside from being able to make more informed decisions on your health goals – be it to lose weight, prevent certain types of cancer from occurring or delivering healthy babies – there are other reasons where DNA testing will play a huge part in your life. This is where Asia’s Queen of Pop G.E.M. steps in and shares her health ambitions.

If you are wondering what does a DNA test do, and is CircleDNA reliable, keep on reading and you will get answered.

Why is CircleDNA Reliable? See How G.E.M. Achieve Her Health Goals With It

G.E.M. aka The Queen of Pop is not only a CircleDNA Changemaker – she believes in the power of the preventive health test so much that she has invested in our CircleDNA research and development!

Gloria Tang Tsz-Kei, or better known by her stage name G.E.M., is a famed worldwide pop sensation. Her wide-range vocals, signature falsettos and young stardom have left an unforgettable mark on stages and showbiz scenes in Asia and beyond.

On stage, the successful singer-songwriter is always seemingly fierce and fearless; off stage, she is also a contagious force of positivity and health-preneur-slash-investor of CircleDNA.

But when it comes to uncovering her genetic traits, cancer risks and family history, the Queen of Pop opens up her more vulnerable self.

Not only did she take a DNA test, but she also invested in it—both financially and spiritually. 💪
The Queen of Pop expressed her reasons for taking a DNA test, and are definitely powerful reasons for anyone seeking betterment to their healthbut wondering “is CircleDNA reliable”?

1. Ruling Out Cancer and Disease Risks

When it comes to uncovering DNA test results, especially the cancer risk section, some may feel anxious; for G.E.M., she gets emotional.

“My grandmother passed away from pancreatic cancer,” the singer reveals. As “the dearest and the most important person in [her] life “, G.E.M. wished the technology of CircleDNA test had been available much earlier. “If my grandma could’ve known her genes in advance and made preventive measures, she may still be here with me now.”

This epiphany led the superstar to rise to her challenge: to defy the notion of “genetic destiny”; to influence others to take charge of their own health by learning about their DNA in advance.

Through her CircleDNA test, she discovered that she carries no genetic mutations that could increase her risks for up to 36 cancers.

Since her grandmother’s passing, G.E.M. has taken it upon herself to regain control of her health and well-being – pushing forth her profound notion of preventative care.

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