How to Prevent Yourself from Getting Chronic Diseases?

Now more than ever, it’s time to take a moment to assess your overall lifestyle habits to understand how they may influence your choices in food, fitness, sleep, stress management and social life. Knowing the answer to these questions can help you better care for your health and wellness when having chronic lifestyles diseases like obesity, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure can increase your chances of developing severe or critical illness if infected with COVID-19. This makes it more critical than ever to be proactive about becoming a healthier you.


These lifestyle-related diseases often exist together and can increase your chances of developing another chronic illness. Thus your body is like a house of cards, where everything needs other parts to function effectively. When malfunctioning, this affects the other complicated parts of the network that form your holistic body. For example, if you’re obese or overweight, these variables could increase your chances of developing type 2 diabetes. If you already have high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels, your chances of developing type 2 diabetes are significantly increased.

Since these conditions usually co-exist, managing your health for one ailment may assist in alleviating another. This principle applies when it comes to how you treat your body and what you put into it. If you cut down on sugar, are more selective with your fat choices and stay active, you can improve your weight management and reduce inflammation. Both of which are needed to prevent type two diabetes, and heart disease. Also, limiting your salt intake can reduce your risk for high blood pressure, hence lowering heart disease risk.


Knowledge is power – know your health risks.

Chronic diseases are very closely linked to your genetic predisposition, environmental factors and lifestyle choices. Some people are at a higher risk for developing chronic diseases because of their DNA profile. Therefore, early detection can potentially drastically make a difference in the future of your health.

Identifying your risk factors allows you to alter your genetic destiny through a health and wellness approach. As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”. The elements you need to work on are:


Prevent Yourself from getting Diseases!

Why you should get tested? Taking a genetic test to understand your risk for chronic disease can help you understand and take an approach that is personalised to your specific needs. This type of testing is a game-changer in the field of genetic health! It’s not yet a part of standard medical screening, but with a Circle Premium kit, it’s the next big thing. You’ll be informed on how your genetics, lifestyle, and other factors (such as smoking habit, BMI, drinking habit, poor sleep, stress and blood pressure) influence your risk of potentially developing diseases.


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We offer comprehensive results and detailed reports related to your disease risks across 65 Health Conditions. Besides that, we provide strategies you can apply to manage your stress, sleep, eat and work out for your genetic makeup. For optimum health, work on holistically managing your lifestyle differently according to your genetic makeup. Also, you will also receive a complimentary genetic consultation & in-depth explanation from our in-house dieticians! Make the life-changing investment today by getting a test that can help you make more informed lifestyle choices. If you’re not ready to unlock all the 500 reports that you get with Circle, you can get your hands on Vital for a starter’s approach to health and wellbeing.

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