How Good is CircleDNA? It Tells You Why You’re Not Seeing Results From Workouts!

Wondering what good can having a DNA test do for you? Or, if you have decided to take one, how good is CircleDNA? Well, simple answer is, it solves the ultimate mystery — why you are not seeing results from workout and diet.

Both your physical health and mental well-being stand to benefit a great deal from regular workouts. However, if you’re not seeing results in terms of weight loss, muscle gains or a more toned physique, it can be quite frustrating.

Aside from feeling great, one of the benefits that people are most excited for when they start working out regularly, is seeing the results of their hard work at the gym. Many gym-goers are hoping to eventually see toned arms, a sculpted back, defined abs, inches off their waist, less belly fat, and more. However, sometimes these results appear slowly, or seem as if you’re not seeing results at all. It can be very frustrating if, after weeks and months of working out consistently, you’re not seeing your body change as you thought it would.

At first, some people see dramatic changes as a result of working out. Of course, it’s only natural that our visible progress slows down as our fitness level increases, but are there underlying reasons that could be sabotaging your fitness? What you put into your body and how you treat it in between gym sessions can, in fact, hinder your progress. Additionally, the way you’re working out could also be the culprit. Even your genes could be impeding your results: some people are just genetically wired to pack on muscle more easily than others. You can find out more about how your genes influence your fitness progress by taking a DNA test from CircleDNA. How good is CircleDNA? It will give you clear answers of all the questions from above, and more. (Just keep scrolling…)

With all of this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the possible reasons you’re not seeing the results you want to, despite regular workouts.

1. Your Diet is Still Full of Junk Food or Unhealthy Foods

Your best efforts at the gym will go unrewarded if you’re filling your body with empty calories. Things like sugary snacks and drinks, highly processed packaged foods or anything that’s been deep fried, while delicious, don’t do your body any good.

Additionally, eating salty foods will cause bloating, making it hard to see the muscle definition that you’ve worked so hard for.

If you want to see the results of your workouts, feed your body natural whole foods, lean proteins and whole grains. Not only will you have more energy at the gym, you will look and feel better.


2. You’re Not Eating Enough Protein

When you exercise, your muscles develop tiny, microscopic tears from the exertion. Your muscles grow when your body repairs during recovery.

Protein contains the amino acids that your body needs to make these repairs and is an absolutely essential ingredient for muscle growth. If your diet is lacking protein, you will not see the results you expect after working out.

So, how much protein should you be eating? Of your daily caloric allowance, 10-35% should come from protein.

Poultry, lean cuts of beef, eggs and dairy products are excellent sources of animal based protein.

Plant-based eaters can get their protein from tofu, nut butters, quinoa, peas and some non-dairy milk alternatives.

3. You’re Not Resting Enough

It sounds counterintuitive, but if you’re not taking rest days, that could be the reason why you’re not seeing results from your workouts.

Your muscles grow during recovery, but if you’re constantly stressing your body by putting it through vigorous workouts, it can impede your body’s ability to repair the tears made in your muscles while you work out.

A good rule of thumb is to take a rest day after 3 consistent days of workouts.

4. You’re Sleep Deprived

Our hormones are at their peak while we sleep. Growth hormone, produced by the thyroid gland, works to increase our strength and our muscle mass.

One off night won’t make much of a difference, but if you’re getting fewer than 7 hours of sleep per night on a regular basis, then you may not be producing enough growth hormone, and that could be why you’re not seeing results.

5. Not Enough Variety in Your Workouts

If you only run, lift weights, or do yoga, a lack of variety might be why you’re not seeing results.

Incorporating a variety of different workouts into your fitness routine will challenge different muscle groups and will increase the likelihood of seeing the results you’re after.

Furthermore, repeating the same workouts day after day becomes boring and might kill your motivation. Even if you’re continuing to go to the gym everyday, you might have stopped putting in 100% if you’ve become bored with your routine.

Try to mix in some variety to your workout schedule. Take a boxing or spin class, run through a different neighborhood, go climbing or swimming…the possibilities are endless.


6. You’re Not Challenging Yourself or Pushing Yourself Enough

Are you working yourself to exhaustion? The reason you’re not seeing results may be that your body has gotten used to its workload. This means you’ve hit a plateau.

The objective should be to get the maximum reps out of every set. That means repeating a movement until you can no longer go on, then taking a rest. If you normally complete 8 reps per set with ease, it’s time to increase either the duration or the weight.

Reaching a plateau is a huge reason why you are not seeing the results you expect.

Push yourself by doing more cardio, or by using heavier weights with your trainer’s help.

7. Your Mobility Needs Work

Mobility, not to be confused with flexibility, refers to many aspects of your bodies ability to move:

lengthening tissues, moving well-lubricated joints, and neuromuscular activation and control.

If your workouts focus primarily on weight lifting and cardiovascular output and your mobility is neglected, it could hinder your ability to perform workout movements properly, meaning you won’t be getting the results you want because you’re not performing the movement properly.

Working on improving your mobility should be part of every warm-up. Areas to pay particular attention to are the hips, low back, thoracic spine and shoulders.

8. Nutrient Timing

There is some debate surrounding the idea that when you eat is just as important as what you eat.

Nutrient timing theory states that eating certain foods at certain times can be optimal for muscle growth, and fat loss. Dr. John Ivy, one of the leading researchers on carbohydrate timing, supported this notion and even wrote a book about it called Nutrient Timing: The Future of Sports Nutrition.

Despite the controversy, many athletes adhere to aspects of nutrient timing, particularly the anabolic window. The anabolic window is, supposedly, the best time to eat for muscle growth. It is based on the idea that you are best able to absorb nutrients 15-60 minutes after a workout.

The scientific jury is still out on this one, but if you are eating well, working out regularly, and getting plenty of rest and are still not seeing results, perhaps there’s something to the anabolic window.

Consider consulting with a nutritionist for more information.

The Bottom Line

Treating your body well and feeling great should be your primary motivator when it comes to living an active, healthy lifestyle, but of course, looking great doesn’t hurt either.

If you’re anxious to start seeing the results of your hard work, making subtle tweaks to your diet and improving your sleep schedule, along with incorporating some new movements and improving your mobility can be what makes the difference.

See how good is CircleDNA and how it is going to help you achieve you goals!

So, Exactly How Good is CircleDNA?

How good is CircleDNA? With this at-home sophisticated DNA test, not only will you receive comprehensive test results with more than 500 health insights, but you will also be given personalized, professional advice on how to improve your health moving forward. You can formulate a workout schedule and diet plan according to your test reports. Ditch the diet recipes and workout plans that you simply copy from your friends or print out from random websites. Map out the unique plan that you know will work best for you, and here you go, your first step to becoming a healthier self.

Now stop wondering how good is CircleDNA, and find it out yourself!

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