Provide personalised genetic insights to corporates, healthcare professionals, and researchers for tailored health solutions.

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Genetic Testing

Our genetic testing service delivers clinical-grade insights, adhering to the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics guidelines. We offer detailed analyses for both common cancer risks and carrier status, as well as personalised assessments related to diet, nutrition, and fitness. With capability to provide tailored genetic insights, we have a solution for you and your customers, whether you’re interested to...

  • Kickstart your wellness journey

  • Prioritise early detection of health risks

  • A comprehensive health overview


Genomic Service

We provide comprehensive genomic study services to researchers. Our collaboration with researchers are tailored to meet the specific requirements of their research questions. We offer different genomic study services based on your needs, including:

  • Standard: from whole genome to whole exome sequencing

  • Custom: genomic study service tailored to your research objectives and needs

Trusted Research & Results

Cutting Edge Technology

Cutting Edge Technology

99.9% analytical accuracy by fully utilising 3 generations of sequencing platforms:

  1. Sanger Sequencing

  2. NGS: Illumina Platform

  3. 3rd Generation Long-Read Sequencing

Internationally Accredited Laboratory

Internationally Accredited Laboratory

Certified with CAP ISO-15189 and ISO-27001, our lab upholds international standards for quality and data security. We guarantee precision, reliability, and safety in our genetic testing services. Our commitment is to keep you informed, empowered, and respected throughout the entire process.

Expert Lab & Clinical Team

Expert Lab & Clinical Team

Genetic testing and genomic services are developed and overseen by global leaders in DNA sequencing. Dr Lawrence Tzang, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder, leads Circle’s Lab & Development with 20+ years of experience in molecular diagnostic tests. Dr. Senthil Sundaram, Chief Clinical Officer and Medical Doctor, leads Circle’s Data Analysis & Result Interpretation with his rich experiences in the clinical sector.

Genetic Testing

For those who are ready tokickstart your wellness journey

Vital DNA Test

Vital DNA Test

Your first gateway to genetic insights: 120+ reports on diet management, fitness, nutrition and more, enhancing daily life with personalised guidelines - guiding them to be the best versions of themselves.

For those who prioritiseearly detection of health risks

Health DNA Test

Health DNA Test

A holistic disease risk assessment: 115+ professional disease risk insights for proactive health management and early disease prevention, focusing on detailed and precise disease risk assessments.

For those who want acomprehensive health overview

Premium DNA Test

Premium DNA Test

Ultimate guide to your health: Comprehensive 500+ actionable reports ranging from wellness to disease, powered by the world’s most advanced DNA technology.

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Genomic Service

At Circle, we are committed to supporting research that aims to improve the efficiency of research sample testing and minimise the cost of research projects.

Standard Service

Standard Service

We cover:

  • Whole Genome Sequencing

  • Whole Exome Sequencing

    • KAPA HyperExome

    • IDT Exome V2

  • Illumina Sequencing Services

  • PacBio 16S Full-Length Sequencing

  • Illumina iScan Service

  • More services coming soon...

Sequencing platform:

  • NovaSeq 6000

  • PacBio Sequel lle

Circle’s Expertise:

  • Fast turnaround time (~2-6 weeks)

  • Competitive pricing

Custom Service

Custom Service

How does it work?

  1. Submit your research requirement below

  2. Circle science team will review research requirement

  3. 1-on-1 free project consultation with our Laboratory Director on:

    • technology inquiry

    • project setup suggestion

    • sequencing depth

    • library preparation kit selection

    • and/or any other needs

  4. Confirm project scope and kickstart the research

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