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Ever wondered why your friend who eats everything always stays skinny, while just looking at a donut might cause you to bloat? What about why your hair has started greying at 30, or why you seem more sensitive to certain smells compared to your friends?

The answer is in your DNA. Explore how your genes might have influenced a range of appearance, sensory, and other personal traits.

Your genetic Physical Traits report includes

Your unique physical traits profile
Discover your unique physical traits, determined by your DNA and based on published scientific research.
Which genes were tested
We break down the mutations analysed and detected in your DNA, and explain how we determined your result.
Information about your results
Receive in-depth explanations for how you developed certain traits, and how they compare to the general population.
Valuable insights
Uncover the fun physical traits that have been passed down to you, and see how you differ from the rest of your family.
15 Dietary Test Items
Unlock 12 Physical Traits test items
  • Body Odour (Bromhidrosis)
  • Ear Protrusion
  • Earwax Type
  • Eye Colour
  • Facial & Body Hair
  • Hair Colour
  • Persistent Thinness
  • Photic Sneeze Reflex
  • Pain Sensitivity
  • Smell Sensitivity
  • Waist Circumference
  • Sweat (Hyperhidrosis) Tendency
Alcohol Sensitivity
Salt Sensitivity
Sweet tooth
Caffeine Sensitivity
Spice Sensitivity
Weight regain
Theophylline Sensitivity
Taste Sensitivity
Detox: cruciferous vegetable need
Fat Sensitivity
Coeliac Predisposition
Detox: toxin generation speed
Carbohydrate Sensitivity
Lactose intolerance
Your Optimal Diet Type

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