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In the nature vs. nurture debate, your ability to succeed is often attributed to the latter. However, scientists are increasingly making links between our genetics and various success traits such as entrepreneurship, language ability, EQ and more. Examine your unique success traits, so you can train and develop those which will help you achieve your highest goals.

Your genetic Success Traits report includes

Your unique success traits profile
Discover the success traits that suggest your aptitudes for languages, math, entrepreneurship, intelligence and more.
Which genes were tested
We break down the mutations analysed and detected in your DNA, and explain how we determined your result.
Information about your results
Learn which genetic variations contribute to your success traits and the scientific basis for your assessment.
Valuable insights
Receive recommendations based on your assessments to help nurture your hidden talents.
15 Dietary Test Items
Unlock 9 Success Traits test items
  • Cognitive Test Performance (IQ)
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Entrepreneur Tendency (AQ)
  • Educational Attainment
  • Language Ability
  • Mathematical Skills
  • Memory Skills
  • Creativity
  • Information Processing Power
Alcohol Sensitivity
Salt Sensitivity
Sweet tooth
Caffeine Sensitivity
Spice Sensitivity
Weight regain
Theophylline Sensitivity
Taste Sensitivity
Detox: cruciferous vegetable need
Fat Sensitivity
Coeliac Predisposition
Detox: toxin generation speed
Carbohydrate Sensitivity
Lactose intolerance
Your Optimal Diet Type

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