5 Father’s Day Gifts To Show You Care About Your Dad’s Health

This Father’s Day, you may want to consider getting your dad a gift that helps improve his health in some way. Perhaps your dad struggles with an overly sedentary lifestyle, poor sleep, chronic back pain, or poor diet due to getting older and not having the energy to cook. With this in mind, you could show your dad how much you truly care about his health by giving him a Father’s Day gift that might improve his health or wellness.

Although there are many Father’s Day gift ideas that are material items such as electronics, clothing or books, this list is focusing on gift ideas that could improve your dad’s well-being. Below are 5 thoughtful Father’s Day gift ideas to show your dad you care about his health:

1. Massage Gift Certificates for Dad’s Relaxation and Relief from Back Pain

Who doesn’t love getting a professional massage from a Registered Massage Therapist? Since a massage is pretty expensive, many people don’t get massages very often. A massage is typically considered a luxury self-care treat, and a massage gift certificate makes a great gift.

Also, as our dads get older, it’s very common for them to have chronic pain in their back, neck or shoulders. A deep-tissue massage from a Registered Massage Therapist could really help relieve some of your dad’s pain, and help relax him.

There are also many other health benefits of massage therapy that make this an especially great gift idea.

2. Healthy Snacks

If you think your dad needs to eat healthier, or maintains a poor diet, show you care by buying him some healthy snacks as a Father’s Day gift.

First of all, every dad loves having lots of snacks around the house. Second of all, healthy snacks can still be incredibly delicious snacks, such as this snack pack from Uplift Foods. Their gut-healthy peanut butter cookies and their strawberry and cream prebiotic bliss bites are absolutely delicious. You’ll probably get a call from your dad about how much he’s enjoying his new healthy snacks.

3. AirFoam™️ Memory Foam Mattress Topper for Better Sleep

Does your dad toss and turn at night, or have trouble falling asleep? If so, you’d be surprised how much of a difference a memory foam mattress topper can make. Putting this ultra-comfortable mattress topper on top of a bed makes the bed itself significantly more comfortable, which will help improve sleep quality, and likely make it easier for your dad to fall asleep. This is one of those gifts that definitely helps someone sleep better.

A luxury mattress topper makes a great Father’s Day gift for this reason, since it can make a world of difference when it comes to how comfortable your dad’s bed is. It will feel as though your dad is sleeping on a new mattress. You can simply use the mattress topper’s 4 corner straps to attach it to his old mattress, and suddenly you’ve upgraded your dad’s bed to luxury comfort. For a very affordable price, you can get your dad the Nolah Plush Mattress Topper, which is made with cooling pressure relief AirFoam™️ and offers plush memory foam style comfort. Compared to regular memory foam, Nolah’s AirFoam™️ helps people sleep cooler, and also offers 4x more pressure relief on your dad’s hips and shoulders while he sleeps.

With a high-quality mattress topper like this one, it feels like sleeping on a cloud. Your dad will thank you for giving him the gift of better sleep.


4. Package of Fitness Classes or Personal Training Sessions

Many of our fathers have overly sedentary lifestyles. They sit too much, and being inactive and sitting too much is so unhealthy that many health experts say, sitting is the new smoking.

It’s completely natural to sometimes need a push in the right direction, especially when it comes to exercising more often. Buying your dad a package of fitness classes (such as a package of spin classes) or some pre-paid personal training sessions is a fantastic Father’s Day gift idea. This gift shows you truly care about your dad’s health, since regular physical activity is vital to a person’s health, especially as they age.

Consider buying your dad packages of fitness classes that align with his preferences, so that he’ll enjoy the gift. If he likes cycling, get him a package of spin classes for Father’s Day. If he enjoys yoga, purchase a membership for him at a yoga studio. On the other hand, if your dad enjoys hiking, you could even purchase him some new hiking boots.

5. CircleDNA Kit for Dad’s Preventative Health

This Father’s Day, invest in your dad’s health in a truly unique way, by getting him the world’s most comprehensive DNA test as a Father’s Day gift.

With the premium DNA testing kit from CircleDNA, he’ll receive a comprehensive health report full of genetic insights. This includes information about the optimal diet for him, based on his DNA, as well as his cancer and disease risk reports, genetic sleep traits, and other wellness reports.

Your Dad will love this gift because the DNA test not only reports back on his health, but also provides him with fun information about his personality, success traits, things he’s potentially genetically gifted at, and much more.

By understanding his DNA, your dad will be able to take better care of his health by adapting his lifestyle, diet and exercise routine to his genetic makeup.

We’re offering a sweet deal for fathers everywhere! Sign up here to get up to a 50%+ discount on our CircleDNA Premium Kit.

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