Best DNA Test For Weight Loss: See CircleDNA Reviews From Our Circlers!

Using a DNA test for weight loss works because by learning about your genetic predispositions, you can learn what to avoid eating, what to eat, and what to do for exercise. DNA testing for weight loss is helpful because with a non invasive at-home DNA test like the one from CircleDNA, you’ll be provided with a wealth of information that helps you understand your body better. If you’re wondering about non invasive genetic testing that includes information about your body type and eating habits, and wondering where to get a DNA test like this, look no further than CircleDNA.

Your DNA has a lot to do with your appetite control, your body composition, your metabolism, your ability to gain muscle mass, your risk of obesity, your tendency to have a smaller or larger waist circumference, and much more.

People use a DNA test for weight loss because of all the information about their bodies they can learn by reading their genetic reports.

What Can You Learn About Your Body With a DNA Test For Weight Loss?

With CircleDNA, you can learn the optimal diet type for you based on your genetic makeup, including foods you may want to avoid.

You’ll also learn which types of exercise suits you best, based on your genetic strengths and weaknesses, which can help you work towards weight loss goals armed with the right information.

So much information about your body type can be learned through CircleDNA, which is why it’s one of the best forms of DNA testing for weight loss. For example, your CircleDNA results might state that you have a ‘normal’ lean body mass in terms of body composition. That means you might have a slower metabolism than someone with genetically higher lean body mass. You’d therefore figure out that you have to increase your strength training exercises to increase your lean muscle mass and increase your metabolism.

Similarly, if you use a DNA test for weight loss goals, you might find out through your CircleDNA test that you’re genetically more likely to have poor appetite control. This is helpful information to learn, because if you know that it’s in your DNA to overeat, you can become more mindful of this and be more self-aware of your eating habits.

Furthermore, taking a DNA test for weight loss is helpful because your DNA test could indicate whether you may have lower leptin levels than normal (meaning it’s more difficult for you to feel ‘full’), or higher ghrelin levels which make you hungrier. These are hunger hormones which impact your eating habits, and genetically speaking, you could have an imbalance where you have higher ghrelin levels.

CircleDNA is an easy, non-invasive DNA test that can be done from home with a simple cheek swab. The results provide you with information about your body and eating habits that could help you lose weight, as well as other interesting reports on your ancestry, health risks, personality traits, success traits, and more.

Customer Reviews for Using CircleDNA for Weight Loss Purposes

A wide range of people have used CircleDNA specifically for health, fitness, and weight loss purposes. From regular people to health gurus and fitness influencers, we have many CircleDNA reviews for you to read below, from all sorts of Circlers.

Taylor, a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach from Las Vegas, Nevada

Taylor, who goes by @Taygetstiny_ on Instagram, is a personal trainer and nutrition coach from Vegas who writes,

“My @CircleDNA results are here and WHOAH. I have learned so much. Literally mind-blown over here.

  • My optimal exercise is endurance-based & low intensity. I have a genetically elevated injury risk, so I will continue to be cautious whenever possible!
  • I plan to buy more organic fruits and vegetables, as I am genetically predisposed to a higher pesticide sensitivity.
  • I want to incorporate more fish into my diet (I likely have higher iodine, DPA, and Vitamin B-12 needs, based on my genetics).
  • I have a high genetic predisposition to be both creative and a night owl! (Wow… both TRUE!)

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to your health. The best way to avoid problems in the future is early detection and prevention.

CircleDNA is a quick and easy way for you to find out if you are predisposed to any sort of health problems, and if so, what they are, and what lifestyle changes are necessary for a long, healthy life.

While I embrace the #GiftOfHealth, I am now taking seriously my journey towards my best life through prevention wherever possible. By knowing what’s best for me, I will be making the difference for a happier, healthier tomorrow.”

Jessica Kingsley from London, England

Jessica Kingsley, who goes by @Mymagicalquests on Instagram, is a mom, entrepreneur, TV personality, and fitness enthusiast who uses CircleDNA. Jessica writes,

“I took a DNA test with @circleDNA and the results are back. Here are just some of over 500 reports:

  • Diet & Nutrition – I have a balanced diet and despite being vegetarian I am doing great, I just need to eat more nuts! However, I should avoid white flour and refined sugar, which I have done since I was 18 because I had terrible IBS and astonishingly my DNA is telling me I am intolerant to it.
  • Mental Health – I have a high tolerance to stress, am well balanced and genetically have no mental health problems. Of course, outside factors can affect this but I am known by my family and friends to be calm, resilient and always smiling. I can’t help it, it’s in my DNA!
  • Personality and Success Traits – I’m well balanced and calm. In fact, I’m a little bit boring! The only thing I score highly in is Altruism – which is lucky as I work as a play therapist. Despite being an A grade student I am perfectly average in most things, which shows how schools and environment can shape you. But I am genetically gifted in Music and Dance – thank goodness I chose the right path.”

Eileen Luna from the United States: CircleDNA Review

In June of 2022, Eileen Luna from the US wrote,

“I have found new direction! As someone who used to be active and healthy, I somehow became lost in how I should approach returning to that healthy lifestyle.

There is such a variety of diets and fitness programs out there, it’s hard to know what is best for you.

But CircleDNA has a smart approach to helping people. I received a thorough report which clarifies so many things about my health. Also, during my first consultation, I was asked about my diet and fitness habits and we worked off of that. That was so helpful! I received such personalized advice that I can refer to whenever I need it. 10/10 would recommend!”

Daisy from Hong Kong

Daisy from Hong Kong wrote in August of 2022,

“Knowledge is power! Now that I have tried CircleDNA, I am able to better understand how my body works, and by knowing I am able to use that information to improve myself.

There are so many diet trends out there that leave only room for confusion, with CircleDNA I can now see clearly that there’s no one-size-fits-all. It enlightened me about which nutrients my body needs more of, that I have to focus on, plus they have a personalized health coach that will teach and summarize a diet that suits my body based on my DNA. It’s really great knowing that I have a profile kept tucked in my phone (the CircleDNA app) that reminds me all the time what I need to know to stay healthy. All of this information provided by the DNA test is actionable, meaning it’s going to help me with my everyday decisions to better improve my body, my life, and my health.”

Sowon from South Korea

Sowon from South Korea wrote in August of 2022,

“Very good test and excellent coaching service.I came across CircleDNA by chance, and it was an opportunity to get to know me better through genetic testing. The health coach gave me counseling based on my genetics, shared the contents after the consultation, and gave me a lot of necessary information, so I think it will be very helpful for my health management in the future.”

Robyn from Malaysia

In June of 2022, Robyn from Malaysia wrote,

“Very detailed information from CircleDNA with a free tele-consultation for a more thorough plan. CircleDNA provided me with very detailed and accurate information in regards to diet, genetic disease risk, as well as individual body strength.

With the free tele-consultation provided, I can have a more thorough plan for healthier lifestyle habits that suit my DNA.”

Albert from Thailand

In March of 2022, Albert M. from Thailand wrote a CircleDNA review. He wrote,

“Healthier life for you and your family! Many of my assumptions got confirmed with the DNA test, and thanks to CircleDNA, I now know what to eat and how to change my habits to prevent issues. Also, the consulting sessions have been a great experience. Totally worth the money – no doubt!”

Want to Try it For Yourself and See How a DNA Test for Weight Loss Works?

Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain strength, improve your mobility, or simply be a healthier person and improve your longevity – try a CircleDNA test. The above customer reviews from our Circlers are only some of many customer reviews about how informative these DNA insights truly are.

Try the CircleDNA Premium testing kit to access over 500 reports about yourself, including a ton of information that could help you lose weight.

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