Best DNA Test For Detecting Health Risks

Are you in search of the best DNA test for health, that you can do in the comfort of your own home with a simple cheek swab? There are many at home DNA tests that provide a wealth of information about your lineage and ancestry. However, only a truly comprehensive test like CircleDNA examines your genomic sequence to give you a wealth of information on your genetic cancer, disease and health risks found within your genes.

From minor genetic health risks such as tooth decay or achilles tendon injury risk, to major genetic health risks such as cancer-causing genetic mutations, CircleDNA is the best DNA test for health prevention since it covers minor and major health concerns.

CircleDNA is also the best DNA test for health since it provides a broad spectrum of data from your genetic risk of water loss to your genetic risk of various health conditions and diseases. It also provides basic information on your ancestry, genetic personality insights, behavior traits, inclinations, nutrition profile, exercise, etc. based on your unique DNA. Every single human being has a special genetic blueprint. Studies show that even identical twins don’t share 100% of the same genes. Although they share similarities in their DNA code since they come from the same egg and sperm, identical twins still have a certain number of genetic variations.

CircleDNA is an at home DNA testing kit that can help you explore these genetic variations that make you who you are. We use reputable labs powered by whole exome sequencing. This is the world’s most advanced DNA technology that studies all of your protein-coding genes for the most accurate and comprehensive results, and a wealth of DNA insights. Are you ready to know more about yourself, especially with regards to your health, based on your one-of-a-kind genetic makeup?

CircleDNA is a powerful ally, providing you with extensive information about yourself, so you can make informed decisions about your health and protect your health. After all, health is the ultimate form of wealth.

Learn About the Best DNA Test for Health

The CDC or Center for Disease Control recommends genetic testing to help you look for gene changes, sometimes called genetic variants or genetic mutations. This screening is seen as a highly useful component of medicine because the information provided can change the medical care for you and your family. For instance, the best DNA test for health like the CircleDNA test can assess if you or your spouse are carriers of certain genetic mutations like Tay Sachs Disease, Fragile X Syndrome, Hemophilia, etc, which you could potentially pass to your future children. It also provides information on your risk of developing cancer and other maladies like hypertension, diabetes, stroke, etc.

The CircleDNA test is dubbed as the best DNA test for health as seen in the thousands of consumer reviews, including on third-party websites. This type of non-invasive genetic testing is very convenient because you can do it from the comfort of your home. They provide you with all the materials to collect samples, along with easy-to-follow directions, so it’s impossible to mess up. After collecting your cheek swabs, you seal them up and send back the package using prepaid labels, and then wait for the results to arrive, which are available in PDF or viewable on the CircleDNA app.

Choose Your CircleDNA Package

CircleDNA is the best DNA test for health because it gives you the freedom to explore the information you’d like to receive. CircleDNA has several different DNA testing kits, including one specifically for health. It will analyze your DNA for specific health components, providing you with personalized reports and useful DNA insights to read. What does genetic testing show? Take a look at the different tests below and the information they provide:

CircleDNA Health Testing Kit

This is considered the best DNA test for health because as the name suggests, it focuses primarily on health. The CircleDNA Health Testing Kit provides you with 115+ genetic health reports, including your risk of 36 cancers like melanoma, lung cancer, or breast cancer. It includes common genetic health risks like diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, along with brain health reports on Parkinson’s, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s.

CircleDNA Vital Testing Kit

This is one of the best home DNA tests focusing on lifestyle and health. It provides 125+ reports, including ancestry information, to help you understand your personal nutritional needs, which impact optimal wellness. Some call this a DNA test for weight lossbecause you can use the DNA insights about your genetic strengths and weaknesses to achieve your fitness goals. Leverage the test results information to enhance your long-term health as it provides actionable insights that help you plan your diets and workouts based on your genetics.

Circle DNA Premium

This is considered the penultimate test as it combines results from the two aforementioned testing kits along with extra information on drug response, family planning, comprehensive gene carrier risks, skin needs, sleep patterns, and more. It is the best DNA test for health because it is the most comprehensive DNA test at your disposal.

CircleDNA Premium provides you with 500+ personalized reports across over 20 categories. This includes genetic success traits, musical ability, personality insights, health risks, ancestry information, genetic nutrition information, and much more.

Family Planning DNA Testing Kit

The family planning test is included in the Premium CircleDNA test. But it can also be purchased separately for people who are planning to start a family or who’ve just gotten pregnant. This is another health-oriented test that assesses if you or your partner are carriers of gene mutations that you could inadvertently pass to your children. Although you may not exhibit symptoms or are not diagnosed with the conditions, you may be a carrier that could pass on potential genetic conditions to your future offspring.

The family planning test reports cover hereditary conditions and carrier risks like Thalassemia, cystic fibrosis, deafness, and more. Having this information before you conceive can help you protect the well-being of your future children by giving them the best possible start in life. You can also have this done while you are pregnant because it has no adverse side effects, so you can manage your expectations and best prepare for the new baby and stage of your life.

Empower Yourself and Make Informed Health Choices

Are you wondering, “Where I can get a DNA test”? CircleDNA is an at-home DNA test that will be mailed to you with instructions, and it is the best DNA test for health concerns and achieving optimal health. It comes with complete materials for an easy and safe at-home saliva retrieval and collection, with free pickup. Sending back your samples is also easy, and you’ll just wait for the results to be emailed to you. Furthermore, you receive different levels of genetic consultation to discuss the DNA test results and what they mean for you and your life. An expert counselor will review your results and discuss options grounded on an accurate genetic profile. The insights could help you plan what to do to mitigate potential health issues, such as modifying lifestyle habits or seeking more screening tests like mammography or colonoscopy if you’re at risk of certain cancers.

In addition, one of the many benefits of the CircleDNA test is you can discuss the results with your family members to make them aware of any genetic mutations that could run in the family. This is a powerful tool in identifying common health risks because you share genes with family and possibly even environmental conditions like food choices and lifestyle habits that could impact your health. Studies show that sharing genetic test results with relatives may help them gain clarity on their own health risks and aid them in identifying the risk management strategies to prevent exacerbation of any potential health risks.

More importantly, you can use the results of the best DNA test for health to manage your long-term health and wellness. Utilize the genetic insights on your potential health risks to take preventive and precautionary steps such as making lifestyle changes by improving your diet, quitting smoking, and exercising more, to safeguard your health. And these modifications would be the best for your optimal wellness because your choices will be grounded on scientific data based on your DNA.

Although DNA tests like CircleDNA cost money, they provide invaluable information that’s priceless – information you’ll use forever. When it comes to your body, health and wellness, knowledge is power because if you know your risk, you can take action to reduce or maybe even eliminate that risk. You have to be your own best advocate, which means knowing your total health history, including both anecdotal family history and those that cannot be seen by the naked eye such as what’s written in your DNA. And the only way to find out more about that is with a reliable DNA test that offers comprehensive reporting.


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