What’s Standing In The Way Of Your Fitness Goals? It Could Be One Of These 5 Things

As the weather gets warmer and we can’t hide behind oversized sweaters anymore, people start to become more focused on their fitness goals. Many people have fitness goals for confidence reasons, or for health reasons.

There will always be obstacles getting in the way of your fitness goals. Whether it’s because healthy food is too expensive, or you can’t stop eating when you’re bored, everyone has something in their way.

Below are some examples of obstacles getting in the way of your fitness goals, and how to overcome them:

1. Restaurant Temptations

Does your significant other or your friends love to eat out? If so, there’s no reason why going out for dinner should derail your progress. First of all, you’re allowed to choose the restaurant sometimes, I’m sure. And you can choose a healthier restaurant – or at least one that has healthy options.

For example, perhaps you know of a quaint sushi joint that offers healthy brown rice sushi. Suggest this spot to your friends. After all, everyone should get a turn choosing the restaurant.

You can also tell your friends that you’re trying to eat healthy, and ask them to hold you accountable. That way, they’ll be sure not to encourage you to order dessert.

Go to your favorite restaurant’s website and see if the nutritional information is listed next to each menu item (it sometimes is) and if it’s not, email them and the manager will provide it. Order something that’s high in fiber so it will fill you up enough to deter you from ordering a tempting dessert.

Frequent restaurant outings can obstruct fitness goals, if you’re not careful. It’s always healthier to cook at home.

2. When Healthy Food is Too Expensive

Swapping pasta for produce might be healthier for you, but it’s also more expensive. Why is healthy food so expensive? If you track your spending, you’ll probably be frustrated when you see how much money this “healthier choice” is costing you. Although a pasta dinner is a fraction of the cost of a chicken and veggie stir fry, it’s not impossible to eat healthy without breaking the bank. If you want to watch your spending and eat healthy on a budget, cook extra and save those extra portions in tupperwares in your freezer.

You can also find local farmers markets that sell their ‘ugly’ fruit or the produce they need to get rid of for less.


3. Finding the Energy to Exercise is a Struggle

Whether it’s because you’re feeling depressed or just low on energy, it’s not always easy to find the energy to work out. Every single time you decide you’re too tired to go to the gym, you’re getting yourself that much farther away from your fitness goals. To overcome this struggle, try finding an accountability partner who you schedule workouts with. Even if you’re tired, you’re much less likely to cancel your workout if someone else is expecting you to show up.

Remember that even if you’re tired, working out dramatically improves your energy levels as it is a natural endorphin booster. There are also plenty of natural ways you can increase your energy before a workout, such as drinking a cold-pressed green juice. Better yet, do your workout outside. Go kayaking or hiking. The fresh air will wake you up like nothing else.

4. You don’t Enjoy Your Workouts

It’s crucial to find a form of exercise you enjoy if you want to reach your fitness goals. Some people love swimming, others love group fitness classes or spin classes. If you’re not sure what type of exercise you genuinely enjoy, the key is to experiment.

Go hiking, cycling, and try a bootcamp. Keep trying different types of workouts until you find one you enjoy, that you’ll be happy to adopt into your regular routine.

5. The Urge to Eat When You’re Bored

Few people are busy every hour of the day. When you’re at home watching TV, surfing the internet or working on your latest article, you’ll be tempted to eat something while you’re doing it. We tend to eat the most when we’re alone, when we’re bored and when we’re stressed. If you need something in your mouth, what you really need is a big drawer of lollipops. I’m serious. There are tons of sugar-free, diet-friendly lollipops that will keep your mouth occupied and stop you from eating when you’re bored. Here are some more tips on how to stop eating out of boredom.

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