Best Workouts to Lose Fat and Tone Up

If you’re looking for a workout to lose fat and tone up, you’re in the right place.

When most people imagine losing weight, they think of getting a flat, toned tummy. Nothing quite says fitness like a set of washboard abs. You probably daydream all the time about being able to slip into the perfect pair of jeans without the worry of extra love handles.

Research also shows that learning how to lose fat and tone up is good for you. A larger waist size often correlates with higher chances of heart disease, diabetes, and other conditions.

Unfortunately, “spot reduction” or an attempt to lose fat in just one space isn’t a viable approach to reaching your goals. Rather, you’ll need to focus on a holistic approach to weight loss if you want to get those brilliant results.

That’s why we’re sharing some of the best exercises for burning fat and toning your body. Soon, you’ll be ready to design your ideal diet and exercise plan.

Creating Workouts To Tone Up Fast

So, where do you start with a toning workout?

Well, there are tons of people online who can guide you on a diet and exercise plan to lose fat and tone up. However, you’ll often see better results if you take a personalized approach.

The truth is we all have different bodies, with unique metabolic features, and different responses to fat. This means if you want to get rid of excess weight, you first need to know how your body works. We recommend taking the time to get to know your metabolism before you start building a workout schedule. A genetic profile can give you a behind-the-scenes guide to custom weight loss.

Once you know how your body works, you can create a workout to lose belly fat and tone up what’s unique to you. For instance, you might find that strength training is the best way for you to maintain healthy body weight, as muscle helps to fight off fat. Alternatively, you might consider combining strength training and cardio for a holistic attack.

Exercises to Lose Fat and Tone Up

Creating a workout that tackles various parts of your body at once should increase your chances of success. Some exercises are more beneficial to belly fat than others. For instance:



Burpees are excellent for working your core, shoulders, quads, triceps, lats, and shoulders. The explosive movement also helps to get your heart racing. To do your burpees, stand with your feet about a shoulder distance apart, and move your hips back, lowering your body into a squat.

Place your hands on the outsides of your feet and hop backwards to let your chest touch the floor. Push onto your arms to make a plank, then jump to your feet. We’d recommend adding these exercises to any best workout to lose fat and tone up.

Mountain Climbers


Mountain climbers are great for working your core. To try one, get into a plank position and tense your stomach. Pull your right knee up towards your check, and bring it back into the plank, then do the same with the left knee. You can add weights to this movement if you need to give yourself more of a challenge.

There are a few issues that can prevent you from doing these exercises correctly. For instance, you need to avoid bouncing on your toes in a workout, or you could injure yourself. It’s also important to make sure that your toes are touching the floor for balance.

Turkish Getup

The sprawl is similar to a burpee, but a bit more challenging. It can be a tough move to get used to if you’re only in the initial stages of your workout to lose fat and tone up. Once you get used to this exercise, however, you’ll be able to work on your stomach, abs, and your upper body.

To try a sprawl, stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart, and squat, placing your palms against the floor. Jump backwards with your feet into a plank and lower your body to the ground. During your push up, jump your feet to the outside of your palms, so you’re squatting.

Medicine Ball Slams

Medicine ball slams are a kind of explosive exercise. They’re all about getting your heart pumping and boosting your metabolism. Rather than focusing on one muscle group, you target a bunch at once. For instance, you’ll be working on your quads, hamstrings, biceps, and shoulders too. As you continue to work on your movement, your gut and core gets involved too.

Try top YouTuber Chloe Ting‘s HIIT programme for a proper sweat-out.

Following a 10-minute warm-up, spend around 30 seconds doing as many reps as you can, covering squats, push-ups, and some of the other exercises mentioned above. Rest for thirty seconds, and then do another exercise for 30 seconds. Continue this process for ten circuits. This is a great way to test your muscles and body.

Want more guidance on burning fat in your workout routine? Start by getting to know your body with CircleDNA.

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